WATCH: 'The Simpsons' Bizarre Speech For 2020 Grads

This year’s graduating class is like no other, and they deserve some recognition for finishing their studies during such a chaotic time.
While prom, graduation, and everything in between may not look exactly like students hoped it would, companies and celebrities all around the world are cheering them on as they complete this huge milestone. And the Simpsons are only one part of this long list.
The video, featuring some of TV’s most beloved characters, shows Homer and Marge both clearly struggling in quarantine. Marge seems to be in the middle of a nervous breakdown surrounded by dirty dishes, and Homer is fighting his way into a graduation gown.
Lisa appears to be the only part of the iconic family to be taking the Zoom call seriously. Before you ask… yes, the layout of this commencement speech is a Zoom video call!
“Well, the job is to be inspirational, and there are plenty of good things,” Lisa says. She goes on to name positive ways in which the world is changing with everyone staying home, such as cleaner air and less animals locked up in shelters.
Homer adds to Lisa’s wholesome list with a favorite activity of his own: day drinking.
As the video draws to a close, Lisa holds up a sign at the end that reads: “Congrats Class of 2020: Please save us.”

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