Top 6 TV Shows For Every Fashion Lover (2020)

In many tv shows, fashion is more of a supporting character than the starring role. But, worry not, there is media out there for those who want to see fashion out in full force. From cutthroat competitions to complete transformations, fashion tv shows are actually aplenty if you know where to look. Let’s take a look at six essential shows that every fashion lover needs to put on their watchlist.

1. Project Runway

Available on: Hulu,
This one shouldn’t come as a shocker, Project Runway is the fashion tv show. Starting in 2004 and still going strong today, Project Runway pits 16 designers against each other in a series of design challenges for the chance to create a New York Fashion Week collection and win a grand prize. As of season 17, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, the original show host and contestant mentor respectively, are no longer a part of the show. However, model Karlie Kloss and designer Christian Siriano, who was Project Runway‘s winner in its fourth season, do a phenomenal job of keeping the same energy that Klum and Gunn.

2. Next In Fashion

Available on: Netflix
So you’ve binged all the Project Runway that’s available, but you’re still itching for more. Try Next In Fashion if you need to fulfill your fashion competition fix. Hosted by Queer Eye personality Tan France and model/designer Alexa Chung, Next In Fashion brings 18 designers together to discover who will be the next fashion star. Sounds pretty similar to Project Runway so far, right? That’s where the similarities end, however. While Project Runway is known for its more specific challenges and the rush in Mood Fabrics for finding that just-right fabric, Next In Fashion‘s challenges are broad and the contestants have unlimited materials, allowing their creativity to really be in the spotlight.

3. 100% Hotter

Available on: Netflix
We’ve all heard of makeovers, but what about a makeunder? 100% Hotter features fashion stylist Karen Williams, hair designer Daniel Palmer, and makeup artist Melissa Sophia and a whole host of fashion disasters. From a ’90s Pamela Anderson imitation to a ‘cybergoth’ gone wrong, the stylists work to show these bold personalities that you don’t necessarily need to dress outlandishly to make an impression. At the beginning of each episode, each person is rated by the public on a scale of one to ten. After their makeunder, their new look is taken back out onto the streets for another rating. Think of this show as What Not To Wear, but with nicer hosts.

4. Making The Cut

Available on: Amazon Prime Video
In Making The Cut, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn team up again to search for the next global fashion brand among 12 hopeful designers. What’s special about Making The Cut is that it is a business competition as much as it is a fashion competition. Designers need to know their way around a sewing machine and a brand pitch. The prize at stake? One million dollars to invest in their brand, a fashion mentorship, and the chance to create an exclusive line with Amazon Fashion. The compatibility between Klum and Gunn that made Project Runway so enjoyable is back again in full force, critiques and questionable gazes included.

5. Styling Hollywood

Available on: Netflix
After every red carpet event, each fashion publication releases its ‘best dressed’ list, highlighting the standout fashion from the event. Before the dresses hit the red carpet, however, what happens? That’s where Styling Hollywood comes in. In Styling Hollywood, viewers follow celebrity stylist Jason Bolden and interior designer Adair Curtis as the couple navigates the sticky worlds of Hollywood, social life, and marriage. Their studio, JSN Studio, is well known for dressing stars like Taraji P. Henson and renovating the home of Dulé Hill and Jazmyn Simon, among other ultra-famous names. But life isn’t all roses for the couple, for it’s still Hollywood and everyone knows that nothing happens in Hollywood without a little drama.

6. Say Yes To The Dress

Available on: Hulu,
The last show on our list is another fashion classic. Who doesn’t love dreaming about designer wedding dresses that most of us can’t even hope to ever afford? Say Yes To The Dress originated at Kleinfield Bridal in Manhatten, NY, but has now expanded across the globe. From Bridals by Lori in Atlanta, Georgia to couture designer Adam Dixon in Australia, Say Yes has captivated fans everywhere. The best part about the show, aside from the dreamy dresses, is always the drama. No matter where its taking place, Say Yes never has a shortage of overbearing future mothers-in-law, backhanded compliments, and budget arguments. Nothing, however, compares to smile on the bride’s face when she gets to say the iconic line.

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