20 Black Owned Fashion and Beauty Companies To Support Now & Forever

Amidst everything happening in the world in 2020, it is important to support businesses to maintain the livelihoods of others. As of the past few weeks with the sudden (and necessary) increase in Black Lives Matter awareness through social media and protests, it is even more important to look to ways you can support the black community out of your own pocket – while also getting yourself some high quality and great products. Here is a list of 20 amazing black owned fashion and beauty companies to keep in mind currently (and in the future).

1. Salone Monet


This company makes all types of heels in nude – six different shades of nude. Their motto : nude is not a color.

2. Epi.Logic


This is a “science based skincare line” for people with all kinds of skin (and all colors).

3. Daily Paper


This is a company based in Amsterdam that combines the three main designers heritage from Africa with a minimalistic and colorful approach.

4. Organic Bath’


This company makes organic bath and skin products in order to rejuvenate your skin the best it can.



This one is for the bold dressers. All of their designs are extremely creative and in a simple term – cool.

6. Andrea Iyamah


Primarily a beach and swim wear brand, this designer is incredibly unique and all of her designs make you want to be on vacation far away.

7. Tongoro Studio


This brand’s slogan is “Online Fashion Made in Africa” and produces absolutely stunning pieces.

8. Asata Maisé


This designer hand makes all her items and her hats and handbags are inspire by classic movies. She uses a lot of patterns and creates beautiful pieces of clothing.

9. Diarrablu


This brand is extremely sustainable (as you can see in the Instagram post – a 100% sustainable collection!) and combines traditional African colors/textures with modern designs.

10. Play Pits


This is an all natural deodorant brand made by a mother! She makes deodorant for men, women, and children!

11. Heron Preston


Known for his statement and street style pieces, Heron Preston creates stunning and creative pieces that are simply works of art. Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish are both fans!

12. LaQuan Smith


LaQuan Smith creates feminine yet sexy and stand-out outfits. His designs really show you off.

13. Brother Vellies


This is a Brooklyn based shoe wear brand that creates sustainable and incredible shoes of all kinds.

14. YELLE Skincare


This is a completely plant-based skincare brand that provides you with hydrating and soothing products for all types of skin.

15. Fe Noel


A fashion line owned by a black woman for all women. The designs are all truly stunning.

16. Cushnie


This is a New York City based ready-to-wear luxury women’s wear brand that creates colorful and simple designs for people of all sizes! Some celebrities that dawn the clothing are Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Michelle Obama.

17. Christopher John Rogers


Christopher John Rogers creates stand out designs that are cause for anyone to be stopped and stared at in awe. Powerful and striking these designs are incredible.

18. Fear of God


This brand creates street style clothes that are staples for everyones closet but still bring a bit of edge.

19. Pholk Beauty


This is an all natural vegan skin care brand for all your needs!

20. Romeo Hunte


This designer creates pieces with edge, luxury, and sophistication. Fans of the designer are Michelle Obama and Beyoncé. These are statement pieces.

Now more than ever we all need to do our part in supporting the black community – here are just some of the many amazing black owned companies that produce fashion and beauty products that you must take a look at.

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