5 Savory Quarantine Meals You Can Make In A Mug

Okay, so I recently found out about all the different desserts you can make in a mug, so why not dive into the wondrous world of savory foods you can cook up in a mug? Since most of us are still in quarantine, here are five meals you can make with minimal effort and minimal ingredients! (Perfect for us lazy people even after quarantine ends.)

1. Mac and cheese in a mug

We all know that mac and cheese is one of the best foods on this planet (unless you’re lactose intolerant… or gluten-free, but there are a bunch of alternatives, I’m sure!), so why not create a recipe that’s somehow even easier than the boxed version. I’ve made this simple recipe before and I have to say, it’s definitely not gourmet or anything, but it’s pretty tasty for a quick and easy recipe — and it makes a great midnight snack!

2. Pizza in a mug

This one’s slightly disrespectful as an Italian, but it’s also intriguing enough to warrant a try. Who would have ever thought you could cook a pizza in a mug? It’s definitely not delivery, but it’s definitely not DiGiorno, either. It’s a mug pizza! (Never thought I would have said that phrase before.) You know what, I’m gonna let someone else try this one first and then let me know how it goes. My email’s in my bio.

3. Scrambled eggs in a mug

This one makes a little more sense to me because I’ve seen people cook scrambled eggs in a microwave before. Personally, I prefer to keep my eggs on the stove, but you know what, if you’re really in a pinch I’m sure a microwave works just as well. Plus, it’s probably a lot harder to set your house on fire while using a microwave. Not saying it’s impossible, just a lot harder.

4. Mug baked rigatoni

This one seems a little more boujee for those of you who want to pretend like you didn’t just cook your dinner in a microwave. I’ll just accept my fate, but there’s nothing wrong with a little escapism — especially in 2020. This recipe even includes some fresh basil in the ingredients! We’re upwardly mobile now, guys.

5. Bacon, cheese and spinach mug muffin

Honestly, this one’s kind of counterproductive because the spinach has to be cooked beforehand (and anyone who’s cooked spinach before knows how much of a scam that is anyway because of how much it shrinks when cooked). However, it looks really tasty and I wanted to include it for that reason. Sue me. This may be more of a dinner type thing than a midnight snack because of the effort level!
Have fun and make sure to eat some real food, too!