How to Maintain Good Mental Heath During Quarantine: TIPS

Quarantine has been in session for approximately 13 weeks so far and I hope you all haven’t lost your minds yet. That type of isolation can drive someone crazy or create loneliness. To not fall into the depression isolation can bring, try some of these tips to maintain a healthy headspace.

1. Keep active

Staying active will not only keep you healthy, but it can assist with clearing your mind and entering a clear headspace. 

2. Call a Friend

You may not be able to physically see your friends, but they are only a phone call away. If you have an Apple product you can FaceTime or download video calling apps such as Oovoo, Skype, Instagram, or SnapChat. Speaking to friends daily can help ease some of that lonely feeling.

3. Find a Hobby/Do Something You Like

Finding a passion for something can help occupy your mind. Keeping busy is always a good distraction.

4. Paint

Get some arts and crafts and begin painting. The act of painting can calm a person and reduce stress levels.

5. Accept How You Are Feeling

It is okay to not feel yourself, but do not be in denial about it. If you are feeling depressed, empty, or alone allow yourself to feel. Accommodate your needs based on your feelings. Open up about it to someone close so they can know what is going on. The first step in overcoming a dark place is acknowledging it. 

6. Seek Help

If you notice you have been in a weird place for too long or that it is becoming very difficult to escape the funk on your own, then you should seek help. You can contact a professional and receive virtual assistance or you can see if therapy offices in your area have opened.