Supermodels To Auction Off Outfits For Charity

Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, or Helen Christensen’s clothes could be yours! British Vogue announced Monday that they have partnered with some of the world’s top supermodels and the luxury reseller Hardly Ever Worn It (HEWI) to raise money for important charitable causes. Twenty-one supermodels from around the world have each selected items from their Instagram famous wardrobes to give away to lucky (and rich) winners.

The proceeds will go towards both the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and the NHS (National Health Service in the UK), two crucial organizations that need support now more than ever amidst the coronavirus pandemic and world-wide protest over police brutality and racial inequality.

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While many prominent supermodels have generously given back during the last few difficult months, the initiative ran by British Vogue creates solidarity within the world of fashion. Clothes are obviously an essential part of the industry and the work of supermodels with many made famous by the outfits they become seen or photographed wearing. Raising money through the donation of clothes, especially expensive designer couture and accessories, helps to create a poignant statement. People are working together for good causes (and making it a possibility to own a Dior saddle bag that Zayn Malik held on his arm).

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The partnership with HEWI is also noteworthy as resale becomes a more popular way to sustainably purchase luxury and mainstream fashion.  The US alone has a 6 billion dollar luxury resale business that continues to grow bigger and bigger with popular companies such as the RealReal and ThredUp.  HEWI’s collaboration is sure to bring further attention to the benefits of resale, especially with the support from supermodels.  

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Each supermodel posted a “quarantine selfie” on Instagram in the outfit they’d be donating, while the July issue of British Vogue will feature the items and stories around them. Some of the pieces, ranging from dresses and skirts to bags, are one of a kind, with many coming from sustainable or ethically-cautious lines and collections. HEWI will also be selling exclusive posters of the “quarantine selfies” appearing in Vogue for 50£ or 63$, again with proceeds going to the charities.  Bidding begins on June 9th and ends on June 12th on HEWI’s website. If only in our dreams!

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