Top 5 Binge-Worthy Netflix Original Series

With an increase in people staying at home and working from home, as well as the continual growth of new and well-established streaming services, at-home binge-watching is becoming an integral part of our culture. These steaming services not only provide countless options of third-party shows and movies, they also feature original series and films. To get you inspired about what to binge next, we’ve put together a list of the top five worth-watching original series from one our favorite streaming platforms: Netflix


5. Love

Love is all about the realistic ups and downs of a new relationship, as leading characters Mickey and Gus fall in, well, love. The show explores the awkward stages of a new romance, as the facade of perfection is unveiled for both characters. Each season brings Gus and Mickey closer to accepting each other’s flaws and seeing a future together. While the series focuses on relationships of romantic love and attraction, it also touches on other relationship dynamics including friendship and family. The characters are unique and the plot lines are fun and engaging. So worth watching!

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4. Outer Banks

I know what you’re thinking… pretty cheesy stuff, right? While Outer Banks does generally check off all the boxes of a typical teen drama (forbidden romance, partying, and an unsolved mystery), it also tackles themes of corruption and classism. The show is full of adventure! Not to mention, there are so many pieces of 2020 beach fashion featured throughout the show. Although the first season was left on a pretty big cliffhanger, I have no doubt that season two will be coming ASAP and that the whole series is totally worth bingeing. 

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3. Never Have I Ever

Created by Mindy Kaling, I promise this show will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, smile. Even though the plot line is slightly predictable, the show is original and candid. I can guarantee that it will brighten your day (and I say day because once you start watching, you’ll probably binge it in less than 24 hours)! The main character is original and relatable. Kaling does a great job of inserting humor while simultaneously pulling at heartstrings. 

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2. Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias was just released to Netflix last month… and boy is it a fun watch! It has the kind of innocent and inevitable romance that might make you think you’re watching the Hallmark channel, but it’s so bright and lovable! The characters are dynamic and there are plot twists that will keep you on your feet. The costuming is all so cute and features clothing from New York City-based brand Love Shack Fancy. You have to check it out!

1. The Politician

This is also a series that is fairly new to Netflix. It came out September of 2019 and if you haven’t seen it yet, you HAVE to give it a watch! It features the politics of a high school student government election. Pretty laid back, right? Not at all. It turns out that the results of this election will have long term effects for everyone involved. Stakes are high and competition is strong. The best part of the show? The very talented Ben Platt sings multiple times, so it’s basically a musical! Go watch!

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