Rumor Has It: Beyoncé In Conversation With Disney

Beyoncé: pop superstar and international sensation. More Beyoncé is more happiness, right?
Well, the queen herself is rumored to be in conversation with Disney about 3 separate projects. If Bey signed this supposed contract, she would get $100 million from Disney. Just imagine the size of her net worth currently — now add $100 million. Wow!

One of these projects would be a Black Panther 2 soundtrack. The first movie did so well in the 2018 box office ($242 million over a 4-day weekend!) that it’s no wonder Disney wants to bring in the ringer; the entertainment giant wants to set a new box office record! The other two projects would be Disney+ documentaries and voiceovers (similar to Meghan Markle’s voicing for the popular documentary Elephant, earlier this year).
A source said:

“Beyoncé has become a major player for Disney and is the perfect fit for their brand … as part of the deal, they are also trying to get her team to agree to have Beyoncé voicing some of the new documentaries coming to Disney Plus. After the success of having Meghan Markle voicing the film Elephant on the platform, they have projects coming up which align perfectly with Beyoncé’s brand. The negotiations are still ongoing but it’s the final details that are being thrashed out now.”

However, all of this could — unfortunately — just a be rumor. Senior Film Writer for Variety Matt Donelly tweeted that his sources have debunked this story: there is no Beyoncé deal on the table. Only The Sun has had any sources on this; therefore, just like all news stories, we should take this announcement with a grain of salt.

I, for one, would not be surprised if this were true, though! When contributing to the Disney family charity singalong in April, Beyoncé said that “I’m very proud and honored to be a part of the Disney family.”

Beyoncé had worked for Disney when voicing Nala in The Lion King reboot; albeit the critics did not find this film a “roaring success” (haha!), it still garnered an impressive $1.66 billion in the box office. Therefore, there is a certain precedent of success with the Beyoncé/Disney pairing! She also produced an entire soundtrack album for this project — rendering the idea of doing the same for Black Panther 2 more feasible.
Beyoncé’s love for the company is clear and her already stellar resumé would get the ultimate boost. As far as rumors go, I would think this one is pretty credible.
Black Panther 2 is still scheduled for the 2021 release.

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