7 YouTubers With the Number of Subscribers Worldwide

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most searched websites for entertainment with more than a billion subscribers to it. This platform can make you popular and famous if you have the needed talent to ace it up with your videos and content. It is very powerful tool for people where you can earn money based on your views and likes on the video you upload.
Usually, people like you and me will be scattered indie the app for hours watching all kinds of videos and getting into the know it all mode. The reason for such attraction is the number of videos and the range that can be found over the website. You can find videos related to travelling, fashion, cooking, electronics, nature, mysteries, horror, history and what not on this website right there.
People have become popular here and have proves their artistic talents with the help of many engaging videos they upload. The number of subscribers they have is well beyond your imagination and also the amount of money they earn because of this.
7 Youtubers with the maximum number of subscribers worldwide are as follows-

  • PewDiePie
    Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka our very own PewDiePie is one of the most followed individuals on YouTube with over 100 million followers all over the globe.
    Not just the number of followers is on a higher end, he is also one of the top earners in the list.
    He mainly puts up videos related to gaming, live-streaming them while playing, vlogging, and other collabs with several youtubers to create more review content.
    The Youtuber has been involved in a lot of controversies over the years, the main one being a rivalry between the vlogger and T-series channel as to who had the higher number of followers.
  • Canal Kondzilla
    Konrad Cunha Dantas’s is a music video producer with almost 55 million followers on YouTube worldwide.
    The name of his channel is Canal Kondzilla where he uploads videos video of the KondZilla Records, of which he is both the producer and owner.
    Not just the music videos, but also behind the scenes footage to keep the audience engulfed with his channel.
    The music that he produces mainly revolves around the ‘Funk Ostentação genre’, that has become quite popular among the people and well appreciated too.
    The response behind such huge following is the popularity of the genre of music and the channel is single handedly managed by him in the entirety.
  • Like Nastya Vlog
    Anastasia Radzinskaya is a Russian-American YouTuber who is also called ‘Like Nastya’, and has around six YouTube channels that are run in collaboration with her parents.
    These channels have a collective subscriber of over 130 million.
    Among these channels, ‘Like Natsya Vlog’ channel has the highest number of followers of around 52 million.
    She mainly uploads videos related to kids which are joined by her parents often in which they basically make scripted adventure stories that are inspired by several nursery rhymes and fairy tales.
    With such huge following, she is one of the most popular YouTuber for children worldwide, both in terms of a number of views and the followings.
  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber, the name actually needs no introduction. But still, just for fun, he is one of the most famous pop singers in Hollywood at present and has his own YouTube channel, considered he started from the website and turned out to be a huge sensation.
    He has around 47 million followers on his channel where he uploads videos mainly of his music videos, interviews, behind the scenes footage and various other material.
    He is one of the most influential music YouTuber who has so many followers followed by Ariana Grande, Madonna, John Legend and more.
  • Hola Soy German
    Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, popularly known as Hola Soy German, is a very popular Chilean YouTuber with almost 40 million followers all around the world.
    The YouTuber started his career in the year 2011 and quickly rose to fame with his videos and standups.
    He is a comedian, vlogger, entertainer and a writer in life and is also very keen in producing music as well.
    Most of his videos are uploaded in his native language Spanish and mostly followed by the Spanish community itself. 
    Mainly he puts up his music videos, comedy videos on his channel. These videos are inspired by various life events and fictional themes or his own life.
  • Fernanfloo
    Famous YouTuber Fernanfloo has more than 36 million subscribers all over the globe, with his original name being Luis Fernando Flores.
    Mostly aimed towards gaming genre, this YouTuber uploads gaming targeted videos on his channel while livestreaming it with his witty commentaries in almost every one of the videos.
    He belongs to El Salvador and loves doing the moonwalk and also showcases his dog, whom he loves a lot.
    Like Hola Sam German, This Youtuber also started his journey back in 2011 and has been raising many followers since then.
  • MrBeast
    Jimmy Donaldson, famously known as MrBeast is one of the most followed personalities on YouTube with almost 33 million followers all around the world.
    He is a different type of YouTuber than the rest of the people in the list, but his videos will keep you engaged and entertained.
    The YouTuber mainly uploads prank videos and various stunts over his fellow mates. Other than that, he has also collaborated with many other youtubers in order to create viral videos.
    Some of his videos include him counting till 10,000 in a day, planting around 20 million trees in collab with other mates around the world or just fooling around his friends.
    He also does charitable work through brand donations to help the people in need.
    These were some of the most popular and widely followed people on YouTube with a shocking number of followers.
    There are other noticeable individuals who have gained a lot of followers including names like Cocomelon, Ashish Chanchalani Vines, BB Ki Vines, Luccas Toon, Luisito Comunica and many more in the list.
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    Hope you enjoyed the article and share the information with others as well.