Chanel Cruise 2020/21 Collection Review

With much of the delay that has taken place in the fashion industry lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new line is exactly what the world needs. The timeless French fashion house released a line that almost remedied our lack of fashion over the past few months. Chanel’s Cruise 2020/21 line reflected their own personal brand whilst still being innovative within themselves and adhering to the theme of the collection. The collection, called “Balade en Méditerranée”, which translates to “a walk or trip around the Mediterranean” is an embodiment of French and Mediterranean themes combined to create an effortlessly elegant theme.

The collection was designed by Virginie Viard, the current creative director of Chanel, successor to the late Karl Lagerfeld. The website describes the collection as “laid-back allure inspired by scenes from the Italian and French Riviera. The collection contains warmer colors such as pink, but also has a lot of black and white contrast – a classic Chanel color scheme. Blue is incorporated as well, and each look is more unique than the last. Tweed, of course, is an essential in any Chanel line, and this one is no exception. Many lightweight jackets are included within the collection, and very classic necklines and collars. The 2020/21 Cruise collection however features less structured garments, which is an interesting contrast to the standard of Chanel looks. But Viard does this in a très chic manner, that combines the classic Chanel look with a more modern and relaxed mediterranean vibe.

The overall basis of this collection demonstrates Viard’s talent and once again proves her as worthy successor to Lagerfeld. The collection is a stunning reminder that summer is here now, and that the world does still have beauty – and fashion can be the beauty the world needs. The line is not available to shop until November, and will definitely be an investment to purchase, but either way we can all appreciate the beauty that it contains – view the collection here. We can always look back at this line as a reminder of beauty in the midst of a global health pandemic.

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