Colourpop’s New Collection Is To Dye For

Tie-dye is a classic summer activity. Most people who went to summer camp as kids have tie-dyed at some point in their lives. Whether they used the classic dyes squirted over a folded t-shirt or the equally messy Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol, having a unique piece of clothing that you made was always one of the best parts of camp. With Colourpop’s new collection, their first one released since March, you can ditch the rubber bands and brightly colored dyes while still reliving those fond memories.

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Available exclusively on the Colourpop website, the new Tie-Dye Collection features three of their classic nine-pan eyeshadow palettes, a set of five Creme Gel Liners, two new Super Shock Highlighter Compacts, a Glitterally Obsessed glitter gel, and shimmering body oil and face milk from their sister brands Sol Body and Fourth Ray Beauty. Like all of their collections, Colourpop makes sure that there is something for everybody who wants to live that pastel life.

Each palette, available separately or as a set in the Cloud Dye Pastel Palette Vault, focuses on a different two-tone color family. Miss Bliss focuses on the warm shades, ranging from bright pinks to delicious corals. In A Trance is for the cool-tone lovers, sporting icy blues and pale purples. Finally, there’s Aura & Out, which focuses on fresh greens and sunny yellows. Every palette features Colourpop’s classic combinations of matte, metallic, pressed glitter, and Super Shock shadows. While pastels are common in makeup, to see a pastel-focused collection is something not often done, and Colourpop definitely succeeded from the response they’ve been getting.

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The liners, like the palettes, can be bought separately or in the Fresh Cut liner set. The liners themselves are fun colors that match with the palettes with two warm-toned liners, three cool-toned liners, and Colourpop’s best selling white eyeliner to elevate your makeup looks. The first highlighter, Manifest That…, boasts an adventurous pink shade and the other, called You’re A Trip, is a more classic champagne shade. The Glitterally Obsessed, a bright gold called Glamrock, will be great for bold looks that need to last. The Sol Body oil will make you shimmer like a rainbow, and the Fourth Ray Beauty Coconut Face Milk with coconut milk, aloe, and marshmallow root will be a much-needed moisturizer to use after your face is clean of pastels.

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Colourpop never disappoints with their collections, and this one is no different. The brand has found their perfect formula and stuck with it, ensuring that even after a long drought of no new collection drops, customers can still expect the same innovation that they know and love from the brand


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