Kelly Clarkson Divorces Husband Of Seven Years

Kelly Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock are filing for divorce after seven years of marriage.

The 38-year-old singer and daytime talk show host is calling it quits and has already filed the paperwork for separation due to “irreconcilable differences”. A source says that Clarkson felt that divorce was the best option and her time in quarantine was very harmful to their relationship.

“Kelly and Brandon had been having problems for several months and were making a conscious effort to work things out. They both hoped quarantining away from L.A. in Montana would help them work things out in their marriage, but instead, the change in environment was actually detrimental,” said the source.

The source also added that the constant time that they spent together made their situation even worse. They added that Clarkson used her time on “The Voice” and her talk show as a way of distraction from what was going on in her personal life. But as the seasons of both shows came to a close she used her free time to think about her marriage and what she felt was best.

Clarkson started the divorce process a few weeks ago because she “knew she just needed to follow her heart and finally realized divorce was her only option.”

Clarkson and Blackstock have a daughter and a son together, 5-year-old River Rose and 4-year-old Remington. The same source says that they “haven’t cut each other off” and are doing their best to keep their children as their number one priority.

“They are both heartbroken, but their plan is to put the kids first. Their focus is on co-parenting and moving forward, as this is the last place they ever thought they would be,” said the source. “They both understand divorce is never easy for children, but Kelly and Brandon are great parents. It’ll just take time.”

The source says that Clarkson “has always been a very organized businesswoman, so her decision to have a prenup just reflects that and protects her earnings. Kelly is very kindhearted, generous, and giving, so Brandon will be just fine.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, who got a hold of the court documents, Clarkson listed the separation date as “TBD” due to the global pandemic. Along with that, Clarkson and Blackstock have asked for joint legal and physical custody of River Rose and Remington.

The singer also asked the court to discontinue the ability to grant spousal support to Blackstock. She is also asking the court to apply the premarital agreement and that both parties cover the fees needed for a lawyer. Lastly, she is also asking for her last name to be legally reinstated to Clarkson after taking her husband’s last name.

Shortly before filing for divorce, the couple had put their custom-built mansion up on the market for sale. The $9.95 million property is one of the several homes they shared and is located in the San Fernando Valley.

The two met back in 2012 and got married in October of 2013. Since their marriage, Blackstock became Clarkson’s manager. Blackstock also has two kids from a previous marriage.