Top 5 Easy Plants To Grow During Quarantine

During this time, many of us have gone back to old hobbies such as playing the guitar, writing, reading, or even gardening as a hobby. But for those of us dying to become plant moms and dads, there is always the option of buying houseplants to love, nurture and take care of. Here is a list of the top five easiest houseplants to grow during the quarantine.



This low-maintenance houseplant is commonly called pothos or devil’s ivy, and it can be a godsend for those who struggle to keep houseplants alive. It’s not fussy about how much light it gets (but yes, it does need some) and if you forget to water it for a while, it will quickly rebound when you do give it a drink. There are plain green ones as well as variegated varieties. It grows in low to bright light; 60-75°F; keep the soil moderately dry. Keep in mind, all parts of this plant are poisonous and can cause severe irritation of the lips, tongue, and throat if eaten or chewed. Buy it here.

Jade Plant


If remembering to watering is a struggle, a jade plant may be just what you need. This slow grower can survive for weeks and even months without water because it stores what it needs in its fleshy stems and leaves. So if you can keep a cactus alive, then you can grow a jade plant easily. It grows in bright light; 65-75°F, 55°F in winter; keep moderately dry. Buy it here. 

Ponytail Palm


Despite its common name, ponytail palm is a succulent rather than a true palm, and you might see it for sale with the name Nolina recurvata. This easy houseplant has graceful, arching leaves and a thick trunk that give it a striking, treelike appearance. It grows in bright light; 65-75°F, 50-55°F in winter; allow the soil to dry between waterings. Buy it here.



Also called umbrella tree, this easy-to-grow houseplant has glossy foliage with leaflets that radiate out from a central spoke, just like an umbrella’s ribs. A close relative, dwarf schefflera (Schefflera arboricola) has smaller, thicker leaflets and shorter stems. Look for variegated varieties for even more interesting leaves. It grows in medium to bright light; 60-75°F; keep the soil evenly moist. Buy it here.



Succulents thrive in dry air and warm temperatures, which most homes already have, so you don’t have to change a thing to grow one in your living room. Having a succulent is easy, as long as you water it once a day. They come in many types, so find the one that is right for you. Buy them here.   No matter what you grow, hopefully, you will enjoy the company and name your plants and treat them like your children.

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