The 5 Street-Style Icons To Emulate Right Now

Hollywood luminaries and television personalities are among those considered the ‘face’ of street-style as their excessive wealth and network allow them to indulge in the latest trends.
Within the technological sphere that is social media, celebrities debut their contemporary looks and proceed to create an online buzz. These stars include Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez.

Kim Kardashian

The 39-year-old fashion mogul, Kim Kardashian, has been known to utilize elements of husband Kanye West’s style in her personal sense of dress. In fact, West’s clothing collection is often sported by Kardashian herself. The reality TV star gravitates towards earthy tones and minimalism in her garments of choice. While balancing fashion and comfort, this street-style icon proposes a new name for urban get-up.

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber, notorious for her career as an international supermodel, opts for streetwear in her everyday attire. The 23-year old tends to don athleisure apparel, sporting brands such as Adidas, Nike, Supreme, and others. As her clothes are oversized, her wardrobe takes precedent over comfort. Although the model’s attire does at times resemble loungewear, her accessories allow the look to be categorized as high-fashion.

Gigi Hadid

The face of the fashion industry, Gigi Hadid, is often caught setting the latest trends in street style via exclusive events, including New York and Paris Fashion Week. The icon is typically pictured in denim, whether it be traditional or of a range of shades. Her choice of dress leans towards style rather than comfort, explaining her need to include matching elements to her attire or pack on the accessories. Whatever the final presentation, the model opts for coherence in her getup; Shoes complimenting other accents, overall color coordination, and effortless swag.

Kylie Jenner

With millions of followers on the ‘gram’, television star and makeup sensation, Kylie Jenner, has left the internet in awe of her ‘street-style’ inspired ensembles. The 22-year old is among the youngest representatives of contemporary fashion and often emulates the future of style in her looks. The influencer has made herself familiar with ‘co-ords’ and adopted the trend as her niche. From athleisure to jumpsuits, Jenner’s attire is anything but uncoordinated. In fact, the star goes as far as to match her hair color to her respective outfit, a relatively new form of dedication to the world of flair.

Selena Gomez

Former Disney personality, Selena Gomez, is now credited for her sense of fashion and knack for sound rather than stage presence. She adopts a monotonous palette and refrains to overcompensate by accessorizing in her looks, unlike other street-style icons. Gomez’s approach to urban wear is simple, yet releases energies of ‘high-end’ fashion. The minimalism behind the star’s attire may be easily replicated by those looking to emulate Gomez’s style, deeming both relatable and affordable.