The 5 Activities To Get You Off Social Media

We all fall into the mindless spiral of social media sometimes, hopping from one app to another, never moving from our horizontal position on the couch. To break this bad habit, we should remind ourselves how good productivity feels. The satisfaction that comes with completing our daily tasks is unmatched! Here are 5 activities that will allow you to take a much-needed social media break.

Work Out

Working out clears our minds and strengthens our bodies. What could be better? The best part about fitness is that there is something for everyone. For instance, an easy walk is perfect if you are not looking to sweat too much. You can even take your dog on a new little walking adventure! Running helps curate a great fitness habit; I know so many people who swear their lives have changed for the better because of it. Or, harken back to your childhood days and take your bike out for a spin! You never forget how to ride a bike!

If you are keener on indoor workouts, check out group classes at your local gym! Therefore, you can socialize and workout at the same time — a win-win! If you don’t want to pay for a gym membership, no problem. There are loads of excellent YouTube workouts in a variety of exercise branches: Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, etc. Try them all out and see what works for you!


Cleaning: you could do it all day, every day, and somehow, there would always be more to do! In my opinion, there is nothing more satisfying than cleaning your room. A nice, organized room almost seems like a clean slate — and the perfect way to start your week. Studies have shown that cleaning reduces stress! An organized life is an organized mind, right?

Does your laundry need to be done? Are there dishes left in the dishwasher? Is there dust on your blinds? Whatever it is you need to do today, do it. Stop Snapchatting and get to work!


Ah, the classic. Who doesn’t love a good book? Instead of immersing yourself in the posts of your Facebook friends, pick up a fantasy novel, and find yourself in a whole new world. The crazy thing about reading is that it comes in phases. In my experience, you are so much more likely to read three books in a row than three books over several months. Besides, reading improves your vocabulary and use of language. Whether you’re a non-fiction fan or a romance junkie, reading is a timeless habit.

Also, if you read before bed (instead of looking at your phone), you will sleep better!


Idle hands are the devil’s workshop! The sentiment underneath that dramatic quote is this: nothing good comes out of boredom. Use your creativity and skills for good; you should craft!

Crafting with younger children adds another dynamic to the art, and make the time fly by. If you are a bit more serious about your skills, open up an Etsy shop, and sell your work! Hand-made jewelry, wooden signs, and tie-dye shirts fill the Etsy website. Make some money and put your idle hands to good work!

Make a Difference!

We all have free time; what makes a difference is what we do with this time. Many organizations and charities would deeply appreciate our time and effort. Volunteering is for everyone — not just for those overly-nice high school kids. Find your local soup kitchen and ask if you can help serve. Organize a clothing drive for a nearby homeless shelter. Sign petitions for causes you believe in, and make your voice heard.

Everyone can make a difference in this world — it’s time we do it!