8 Fantasy Fashion Collections For Your Inner Princess

It’s no secret that every girl dreams of being a fairytale princess. The inherent romanticism of that idyllic life is something that no one can resist the pull of. Unfortunately, life isn’t a fairytale. However, it’s easy to imagine yourself in that life when haute couture designers present some of the most gorgeous gowns. So, in honor of all those inner princesses looking to break free, let’s look at eight of the most fantastical haute couture collections.

1. Paolo Sebastian S/S 2018- “Once Upon A Dream”


For its ten year anniversary, Paolo Sebastian collaborated with Disney to create the “Once Upon A Dream” collection. With a name like that, it just has to be featured. Avid Disney fans will spot references to iconic films, including a dress based off of Cinderella’s wedding dress from the 2015 movie adaptation, complete with lyrics from “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” embroidered within.

2. Ziad Nakad S/S 2020- “Atlantis”


Ziad Nakad’s “Atlantis” collection features gorgeous dresses that easily evoke the mysticism and beauty of the legendary sunken city. While the collection spotlights ocean blues and shimmering greens, those aren’t the only colors used. Iridescent pinks and tans also make an appearance, along with brighter reds and oranges. Even the structure of the clothing makes you think of the ocean, such as the dress with a seaweed-inspired bodice.

3. HASSIDRISS S/S 2020- “Oblivion”


Known for ethereal-looking gowns, for the “Oblivion” collection, HASSIDRISS merges its classic tulle gowns with structured bodices for a unique look. Cool shades of blues and purples bring about a sense of calm, while metallic-toned accents draw your eye to the intricacies of the dresses.

4. Marchesa Resort 2019 Collection


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to wear a flower garden, Marchesa’s Resort 2019 collection is exactly what you’re looking for. Every hue, pattern, and ruffle takes inspiration from the vibrancy and diversity of flowers. From pastels to the more bold shades, each dress would be a dream to wear.

5. Elie Saab S/S 2019 Collection


Feminity is in full force in the Spring/Summer 2019 collection from Elie Saab. Pastels are used liberally and unapologetically, mainly in shades of blues and pinks. The fabric seems almost like liquid, adding to the watercolor effect that the patterns of the gowns allude to.

6. HASSIDRISS S/S 2019- “Ashes”


In the “Ashes” collection, HASSIDRISS leans fully into using tulle to bring about a certain airy feeling. Many of the dresses are reminiscent of fire and smoke, hence the collection name. The use and positioning of ombrĂ© colors makes the eye follow the flow of the fabric, which seemingly melts into the soft hems.

7. Sandy Nour S/S 2018- “The Elements Of Life”


“The Elements Of Life” is aptly named. A rainbow of colors is showcased, from classic beiges to soothing blues. The drapery of the dresses alludes to ancient Greece, which makes the models look like goddesses. Featuring flowers and shimmering fabrics, the collection manages to be classic with a sophisticated twist.

8. Andrea & Leo Spring 2020 Evening Collection


The final collection on this list is also one of the most princess-like. Making liberal use of cool tones and flowing tulle, the Andrea And Leo Spring 2020 Evening Collection also features feminine motifs like flowers, all adding up to a dream-like collection. While it is a smaller collection, that just means each piece needs to make a bigger impact, something that is easily achieved.

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