10 Ulta Beauty Collection Products You Need To Try

With the number of beauty brands out in the world, it’s no wonder that some labels get pushed aside in favor of others. Ulta Beauty alone sells products from about 500 well-known brands. Most commonly seen affected by this is store-name brands. Despite that, some store-name brands actually have good products that people overlook when thinking of beauty. The Ulta Beauty Collection, Ulta’s private label, is one of these very brands. Featuring a wide variety of products ranging from makeup to skincare and everything in between at affordable prices, the UBC deserves more recognition.

1. Full Coverage Liquid Concealer

The first item on our list is a strong one. The Full Coverage Liquid Concealer is lightweight and creamy while also delivering on its name. No need to worry about creasing or caking either, it’s made to last even through the longest workday. The formula also contains aloe vera, chamomile green tea, and tea tree oil to actually help heal your skin instead of just covering up the imperfections. The best part about it is that it’s only $9, meaning that it won’t break the bank when you want to stock up.

2. New Hue Shadow Switching Pan

Coming in as part of the Beauty Smarts collection, the New Hue Shadow Switching Pan will be the best friend of anyone who likes elaborate eye looks. The dual sponges (one for dry shadows and one that can be damped for wet shadows and liners) make it super easy to switch your shades out without having to wet your brushes, change brushes entirely, or worry about leftover color residue. Both sponges also easily slide out of the container to be cleaned, making it even easier to try out that funky smokey eye you saw your favorite influencer try.

3. Body Milk Moisturizers

If you’re looking for a lightweight lotion that stills holds up its end of the bargain, look no further than the Body Milk Moisturizers. While each scent includes coconut fruit extract to help moisturize skin and shea butter to help retain that moisture, each scent also has its own standout ingredient with its own purpose. Nourishing Honey includes organic honey, Soothing Coconut has coconut oil, and Calming Lavender features lavender essential oil. Whichever you pick, you’ll be getting long-lasting hydration that doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin.

4. Velvet Matte Lip Crayon

Intense color? Check. Hydrating? Check. Precise application? Check. The Velvet Matte Lip Crayon will easily become your new favorite everyday lipstick. With shades that range from classic nude to fire-engine red, there’s bound to be a shade for every occasion. The application is smooth, creamy, and precise while also promising a matte lip that lasts without transferring. Cheap, cute, and free of staining, what more could you want in a lipstick?

5. Brush Cleaning Mitt

Another Beauty Smarts standout, the Brush Cleaning Mitt is a necessity for all makeup lovers. Instead of scrubbing your dirty brushes against your hand or the side of your sink, simply slip this mitt onto your fingers and scrub against it. The multi-textured surface works to get between every bristle and actually get the makeup out of the brush. Plus, it’s small enough to travel with and prevents makeup stains.

6. 3-IN-1 Smoothies

Boasting a multi-purpose, everyday use formula, the 3-IN-1 Smoothie is a must-have. Though it smells so good you might actually want to drink it, it’s real purpose is to be used as a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath. The scent of refreshing coconut isn’t the only good thing, however. These smoothies also feature Vitamins A, E, and C to help nourish skin while goji, acai, and mangosteen extracts protect the skin.

7. Beauty Besties Favorites Kit

Can’t choose one thing to get from the UBC? Get a kit instead! The Beauty Besties Favorites Kit features seven of the UBC’s best-selling products. This kit- which includes a brow highlight, lip gloss, bronzer, brow shaping gel, eyeliner, a mini eyeshadow palette, and setting spray- allows you to create a whole look from just what it includes. This kit is also a great way to test out the UBC products within if you’re unsure of them.

8. Foundation Match Mixers

Foundation can be a finicky thing. Finding the right shade of foundation that works for you is hard enough, let’s not even talk about having to own multiple foundation shades in order to get you through the year. With the Foundation Match Mixers, however, you can cut your foundation stash down. Find a great foundation but the shade is just a little too light? Add in the included darkening drops to get your perfect shade. What about transitioning your dark summer foundation into a lighter fall foundation? Easy, just use the lightening drops. The set also includes an acrylic mixing tray, which won’t absorb any of the product, so you can get everything out of your new perfect shade.

9. Shower Flower

So, you really like bath bombs, but you don’t take actual baths often enough to use them. Enter the Shower Flower. Simply place it under the stream of hot water while you shower and the flower will release an uplifting citrus scent that will make you ready to take on the day. The dissolving flower will also allow color to flow into the water, making your shower even more fabulous. While bath bombs might get all the attention, these deserve just as much attention because they can be used every day without hassle.

10. Little Black Liner Haul Kit

Everyone knows how essential a little black dress is to your wardrobe, why shouldn’t your makeup be the same? The Little Black Liner Haul Kit contains six eyeliner essentials to aid you in getting that perfect line. Because it includes gel liner in both a pencil form and pot form, along with the classic felt tip liner, this kit is also great if you’re brand new to eyeliner and have no idea what kind of product to even start with. Looking to jazz up your usual liner? Simply use the included glitter tears to your inner corner or lower lash line for a sparkling pop. The most useful tool, however, is the cat-eye stamp. No more worrying about getting that sharp wing, just stamp it on and fill in the rest with the liner of your choice.

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