Pet Care: Different Types of CBD Oil to Maintain Your Dog’s Health

CBD has been growing in popularity not just as a means of supporting health and wellness in human consumers, but also in pets. Since dogs have endocannabinoid systems similar to those found in their human owners, it should come as no surprise that this phytochemical offers just as many benefits to furry friends. Dogs can’t necessarily just take CBD gummies when they’re feeling sore or anxious, though, so pet owners need to purchase specialty products. Read on to find out about the different types of CBD products that can be used to support pet health.

Pet Tinctures

Hemp-based CBD can be administered orally as a tincture. CBD tinctures formulated for dogs are titrated to their lower weights and come in unique flavors like “bacon” that might not appeal to people but will have dogs lapping up their wellness remedies in no time. Dogs who experience separation anxiety, get nervous about traveling or hate fireworks, storms, and other loud events will love the CBD tinctures shown at Veritas Farms. That’s because CBD has a similar effect on dogs as it does on people, calming their nerves and making them feel more comfortable.

CBD Chews

Having trouble administering tinctures orally? Try full-spectrum CBD chews. They aren’t just great for curbing anxiety. They can also help pet owners manage their dogs’ skin, joint, and other health problems and reduce their risk of developing potentially serious diseases.

Hot Spot Oil

It’s common for dogs to get hot spots, known medically as acute moist dermatitis. These localized areas of skin inflammation can occur as a result of contact irritants, stress or boredom licking, swimming or bathing, dirty or matted fur, food allergies, skin infections, or atopic dermatitis. CBD-infused hot spot oil soothes raw patches and itchiness so that dogs can get back to living their best lives faster.

Paw Salves

Unless they wear booties, dogs often experience cracking and dryness of their pads, especially during the cooler months. Keeping the skin well-moisturized helps to prevent cracking, dryness, and pain, but many pet owners are nervous about moisturizing their dogs’ paws since they don’t want them to lick potentially dangerous chemicals off their skin. CBD-infused paw salves made with full-spectrum hemp oil provide a perfect solution. They soothe and moisturize cracked or sore pads, and can be ingested safely. If dogs lick the salve off, all that will happen is that they’ll also get some of the benefits of orally ingested CBD.

Ear Cleaning Oil

Dogs with floppy ears are prone to problems like frequent infections and ear mites, so keeping them clean is a must. Unfortunately, many dogs feel uncomfortable with having their ears touched, let alone having them cleaned. Using specialized products infused with full-spectrum hemp-based CBD creates a more pleasant experience for anxious dogs, making it easier for owners to keep their ears clean. Look for products designed specifically for this use to avoid accidental damage to dogs’ inner ears or ear canals.

The Bottom Line

CBD oil confers many of the same health and wellness benefits when used in dogs as it does in people. Pet owners need to be careful about what they buy, though, because not all CBD products are created equal. Look for products formulated especially for pets to reduce problems with dosage and administration and buy from a reputable supplier to avoid contaminants.