H&M Releases Sustainable Line With Dresses As Low As 15$

Sustainable clothing doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. H&M, the popular global fast-fashion brand from Sweden, just released its own line of sustainable summer dresses made with 57% sustainable, organic, or recycled material. The cheapest dresses in the collection start at only 15$. None of the dresses are over 50$. It’s a big step for fast fashion, which has notoriously been scrutinized for having a high carbon footprint. They’re promoting the collection as “dresses for today in materials made for tomorrow,” making a serious statement about fast fashion since the clothes aren’t made to last long. H&M plans to achieve clothes with 100% sustainable materials by 2030, and they’re off to a good start, hoping other brands will follow suit.


With such low prices, there’s no excuse not to snag up a few of the cute, whimsical designs from H&M. The collection has heavy notes of Scandinavian style with bold 80s inspired silhouettes and relaxed fits. The colors remain cheery and happy, intermixed with trendy prints. We are seriously envious of these perfect summer dresses and plan to live in them all summer long.



Some of the must-have looks from the sustainable line include this lilac Lyocell-blend Dress, a formal looking full-length dress made from feather-light material perfect for hot summer nights. The lining is entirely made of recycled polyester, a material that is usually not very eco-conscious. 


Or this berry pink Puff-sleeved Cotton Dress that happens only to be $19.99. The boho style maxi is super loose-fitting, making it comfortable and trendy at the same time. 

Other dresses in the line include a black puff-sleeved mini dress (summer blacks for the win) and a lilac eyelet mini dress, also with puffed sleeves. So we’re pretty much saying you can get your puffed sleeve fix for the summer from H&M and be eco-friendly at the same time! In addition to dresses, H&M has a line of “conscious” jeans and tee-shirts partly made from recycled polyester and cotton. 

Fast Fashion isn’t always made to last, but companies like Thred-Up make it easy to resell or recycle out-worn clothes. Recycling already recycled textiles is a win-win for your closet and the planet!

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