The 4 Instant Ways to Love Your Workouts

Tired of having an initial thrill of starting a new workout and/ or workout routine just to stop doing it after a few days?

I feel like I can speak on behalf of most people who can relate to this. The key to loving your workout enough to consistently do it is to actually enjoy it, which may seem obvious. It seems that many times we might only do a workout because we see a popular influencer do it or someone else recommended it to us. Even though these are great sources to try out new workouts, they may not be the best option. Here are some ways that you can love your workout so you can stick with doing it.

Choose workouts you like doing

Choose workouts you like doing


Again, this might seem obvious. Of course, you want to choose to do workouts you like. It’s so important to realize that this varies from each person. One person might love Pilates and hate running while another might be the opposite. The way to find out what you love best is to try out all different kinds of workouts to see which ones you find yourself loving. Make sure to try them with an open mind because you might end up liking a workout that you thought you might’ve hated.