Top 10 Essential Items To Pack In Your 2020 Beach Bag

Beaches are opening back up and what has been a long-anticipated summer is finally here! The most important part of making your beach visit successful is packing all the right items you’ll need for a perfect beach day. Lucky for you, we have created a fool-proof checklist of what you’ll need to pack this beach season.



Neutrogena Beach Defense Oil-Free Body Sunscreen Spray, SPF 70 $8.97

No beach trip would be complete -or safe- without sunscreen. The sun gives off harmful rays that are harsh on skin. The best way to protect yourself so that you can focus on the fun of a beach day is to wear sunscreen and proactively take good care of your skin.



Air Max Koko $100

Sand can be HOT! And the best way to protect your feet from getting too overheated before you get to the water is to wear sandals. Lucky for you, we found the cutest pair of sandals… and you can buy them right now! Making sure that your sandals are practical and cute is the key to properly accessorizing with your bathing suit/beach outfit.  

Beach Towel


Beach Towel $59

A beach towel is essential for a perfect beach day. Used to both dry off after a refreshing swim and lay on to soak up the sun, a beach towel is always necessary for a good day at the beach. The best part? You can find a cute towel like the one below and make it a part of your beach day look!

Water Bottle


Naked 1L $48

Staying hydrated is another important health priority for you day at the ocean or lake. When in the heat for an extended period of time, it’s important to have hydration handy. You can even save money on purchasing beverages while you’re there if you remember to pack a water bottle ahead of time. Check out this cute water bottle we found!

Waterproof Mascara


Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes™ Waterproof Mascara $23

Part of making your beach day look complete is makeup! Finding makeup products that work great and will withstand time in the water is hard. Don’t worry though, this waterproof mascara will make you look and feel fabulous, while staying intact in the water. 


Good & Gather

Good & Gather™ Strawberry Fruit Strips $5.99

Another way to save money on your day to the beach is to pack snacks ahead of time. Lots of swimming and time in the water always gives us an appetite! Be sure to make the snack something not too heavy, yummy, and healthy like fruit leather!

Waterproof Speaker


The Cruiser $24.99

You’re definitely going to want to listen to music and jam out while you’re at the beach. A waterproof speaker will allow you to enjoy the music without worrying about the speaker getting wet and ultimately ruined.


Urban Outfitters

Metal Heart Sunglasses $16

The most important beach accessory is the summer classic essential… sunglasses! Of course, there are so many different styles of sunglasses and you’re going to want to choose yours based on the rest of your beach outfit, but we did find some super cute ones to shop! Take a look.

Bathing Suit

This may seem obvious because you can’t swim without a bathing suit. However, picking the right one that you feel comfortable and confident in is everything. We included some styles that we love for summer 2020 below. 
Pretty Little Thing


Rose Swimsuits



The High Waisted Bottom $50

Beach Bag

Now that you’re all packed, you’re going to need something to put it in! We found this super cute beach bag with a summer-inspired print and you can shop it right now!

Sunnylife Mesh Beach Bag $29.96

Now you’re all packed and ready for the perfect day at the beach. Go have some fun in the sun!

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