Burberry To Have Outdoor SS21 Show, Dior Audience-less Cruise Show

Amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, many fashion houses have considered revamping the seasonal structure and potentially doing away with in-person fashion shows altogether. Gucci was one of the first to announce that they would tone down their shows to just two a year, allowing for more consolidated collections and a more straightforward business model. However, it seems like some of fashion’s most influential houses aren’t as interested in drastic changes. Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri announced on Monday that she plans to go ahead with their planned cruise collection show, which was supposed to have taken place in May. Also on Monday, the famed British fashion house Burberry announced that they plan on having an outdoor in-person fashion show for London Fashion Week on September 17th. The two announcements mark some of the first companies with solid plans for fashion shows and the first to be happening with scheduled dates.


Pietro Beccari, the CEO of Christian Dior Couture, believes that only staged productions can adequately convey the art and emotion of fashion. He said in an online press conference, “nothing carries emotion like a real, live fashion show.” The show will take place in Puglia, Italy, on July 22nd, where Creative Director Chiuri’s dad is from and where local artisan helped create the collection. Having the show take place in the original location is pivotal to honestly convey the story of the clothes. The fashion house hopes to present a message of hope, love, and unity after so much loose of hardship, and holding an in-person fashion show in the original location is the first step of issuing in a new era of “normalcy.”



British fashion houses have been some of the most reluctant to carry on with a “normal” and scheduled LFW show come September since the country still remains in strict semi-lockdown mode. Burberry looks to change that with their planned outdoor show where invitees can social distance in the clean, fresh air. Having an outside LFW show could play a big part in the collection as it will be spring/summer, and the brand will also live stream the event for would-be attendees. It will be interesting to see if other brands follow this idea instead of canceling shows altogether or having virtual runways.


Hopefully, these new show announcements provide a glimmer of hope and certainty for the fashion industry and fans. With FW20 practically marking the pandemic’s catalytic start this winter, the SS21 fashion weeks will provide a fresh reprieve and restart to everything affecting the businesses.