Givenchy’s New Creative Director: Matthew Williams

After the departure of Claire Waight Keller as a creative director from Givenchy, the new title falls to the brand designer of Alyx – Matthew Williams. This is a bit of a controversial decision due to the nature of Givenchy. The famous fashion house that has been widely known to be the favorite of and inspired by the actress Audrey Hepburn of which the classic, timeless, and Parisian designs are the core of Givenchy – the brand is in for a possible major shift.

Matthew Williams and Alyx

The brand Alyx that has been around for about 5 years will still continue to run while Williams takes on his new position. Alyx is a streetwear brand that contains innovative, bold, and striking elements. Williams is known as the king of streetwear, and could potentially influence a major shift in Givenchy to become more streetwear-esque. This brand has taken Parisian street style by storm and it will be interesting to see how Williams uses his personal design aesthetic with Givenchy.

The Controversy

Many are afraid that Williams may stray too far from the classic Givenchy look and take on a more streetwear approach. After all, Williams has worked with those of a more bold and casual looks such as Kanye West and Lady Gaga. But, because Alyx will remain still under Williams, he may be able to remain true to Givenchy. But this is not the first time Givenchy has gotten a little edgier; the former creative director who began in 2005 and left in 2017, Riccardo Tisci, had a more goth-like and bold approach. Many people are afraid though, that Williams will create a very casual look for Givenchy and leave the Audrey Hepburn inspiration in the past.

What does Williams think?

Matthew Williams has made statements discussing his excitement and gratitude towards becoming the creative director of Givenchy. He said in a press release, “I am extremely honored to join the house of Givenchy. The maison’s unique position and timeless aura make it an undeniable icon and I am looking forward to working together with its ateliers and teams, to move it into a new era, based on modernity and inclusivity.” Williams believes that the fashion industry is constantly changing and that right now big strides towards reform need to happen. He states also, ” In these unprecedented times for the world, I want to send a message of hope, together with my community and colleagues, and intend to contribute towards positive change.”

Givenchy will remain one of the most iconic and legendary houses of fashion in the world for a long time. I am personally excited to see where Williams takes the brand, and I think that he will remain classic and true to Givenchy whilst putting his own spin on things.