Stormi Webster Is Now A Cover Model?

It looks like the fashion magazine mogul, cover model, and beauty influencer genes continue to run rich through the Kardashian/Jenner bloodline. That’s right, Stormi Webster (Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s beautiful 2 year old girl) is now a Vogue cover star.

The cover shoot features Stormi alongside her mother. The two are staring at the camera and serving serious model-level looks. Although the mother-daughter duo are American, the cover is featured on Vogue Czechoslovakia. The cover also reads, “Bedtime Stories,” which further establishes the precious time Kylie spends with her daughter. Also, we are loving the name-inspired “S” stud earrings that Stormi is wearing in the photo!

This cover is so cute and full of mother-daughter love, but it wasn’t taken during a conventional Vogue photoshoot. Kylie Jenner actually took this picture herself on an iPhone. Does this mean everyone can be a Vogue cover model now? Not quite, but this trend of self-taken, phone photography has become widely more popular during the stay-at-home orders amid the spread of the coronavirus. We actually saw this same thing occur when Vogue Italia hired Gigi Hadid to do an at-home photoshoot for their April 2020 issue. The photo features Gigi sprawled-out on a couch eating Goldfish and playing Mario-Kart… brilliant!

This trend does beg the question: what does the future of magazine photoshoots (and all photography for this matter) look like? A photo taken on an iPhone in one’s own home is going to be immensely cheaper than a photoshoot in a rented studio with expensive equipment and a hired team of stylists, creative directors, and photographers. This cheaper alternative comes at a time when many magazines are already struggling to make profit off of print issues, because more people prefer online sources. So could we see a shift towards more low-budget photoshoots for magazines in the future? It’s too early to tell. All we know is that Stormi Webster is insanely cute and has blessed us all by gracing the cover of Vogue this month.