Fashion Trends We Saw Pre-Quarantine & What To Expect Upon Return To Normalcy

Weeks prior to advised isolation, patrons of the fashion industry partook in what would be the last affair to honor their colleagues for a few months – this particular event being New York Fashion Week.

As in previous years, connoisseurs of style convene for a week devoted to the celebration of elaborate garments, questionable trends, and street-style garb – set to take place in the heart of New York City.

The occasion is notorious for its display of attire which is considered to be the future of apparel. After this seven-day soiree, it isn’t exactly peculiar to see society emulating such trends in their personal looks.

A popular mode of fashion usually sought after in imitation is street-style – a craze you may expect to see sported in public following the ease of restrictions.

(Faux) Leather

In recent times, women have been known to adopt multiple forms of dress, whether this may complement their femininity or embrace ideas – that in a stereotypical world – are deemed masculine. Such a depiction may prompt the memory of leather and its association with the likes of rugged men. Today, women use the trend to formulate a sense of rebellion in their wardrobes or simply elevate their taste in fashion.

Leather is yet another piece donned by transettics during New York Fashion Week and presumably, after.

The fad also presents itself with great utility as it serves as a fresh styling piece to be worn with denim, charmeuse, or perhaps leather itself.

Animal Stripes, Spots, & Scales

While fashion has a tendency to recycle old trends, ‘Animal Print’ is a particular fad that somehow never seems to go out of style. This past winter, leopard, cheetah, and snake are among the numerous prints to have been admired on the runway and rich avenues of the city.

The patterns hailing from these wild creatures allow a woman to feel confident and bring a sense of edge to her dress. Since the prints themselves create such an impression, there is little need to adorn oneself in accessories and other loud pieces.

Wide Belts

Some women have been known to shy away from Wide Belts as they tend to clench their waist and reveal an authentic body shape. The accessory makes its comeback nonetheless, and those sporting the accent are more confident than ever.

Belt clasps can range anywhere from buckles to rings – either one you may opt for is a safe bet to tie an ensemble together (quite literally).

Similar to other adornments, belts have the ability to present a look which may qualify as high-fashion but in actual fact are effortless – such a component is considered an investment and one that is said to pair with a number of get-ups.

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