How To Quit Smoking Easily? Your first steps

Smoking has been a significant problem since ancient times. In fact, earlier smoking was perceived differently. People used to smoke in cafes, cinemas, and other public places freely. It has not been long since science has discovered and proved the necessity to prevent people from smoking on the state level.
Smoking, as such, came to the lives of the majority of people after the discovery of America, though it was popular in America far before. The truth is that inhabitants of other continents practiced similar activities. People used prototypes of something between the best vape pen and hookah in the Middle East. Ancient Egypt is known for vaporizing herbs using hot stones. The other similar activities show us that many proto-smoking activities belonged to people’s spiritual lives; they served as either medical or religious rituals.
The previous century’s culture showed that tobacco is one of the most seductive bad practices both among men and women, young and old, Afro-Americans, Caucasians, and Latinos. It was expected that such popularity of smoking would spark interest from both engineers and scientists. People indeed perceived the possible danger of cigarettes. The proof is that the first developments of vape pens go back to the first quarter of the XX century. They looked for alternative variants.
As for now, the scientific community understands the possible threats of smoking and looks for the most effective methods of eliminating this habit. The most primitive but still somehow effective methods include nicotine replacement therapy such as nicotine patches. However, this does not answer the question ‘How to quit smoking easily?’. In fact, it is almost impossible to quit quickly. This bad practice is not just about the habit of smoking, similar to having scrambled eggs for breakfast. It is rooted deeper in consciousness because it included the interaction between the human brain and the drug.

3 Top Tips to Quit

1. Make Your Mouth Busy

The physical part of addiction is as important as the psychological one. It means that apart from a problem of cravings for nicotine, for getting high, people experience the need to put something into their mouth. The most famous and traditional are the methods to eat candies or carrots. However, nowadays, the experts emphasize the danger of getting addicted to some food, which means compulsive eating of food the body does not really need. Thus, doctors recommend trying to use celery sticks or suck on a drinking straw as a substitution. The innovative point is to use a nicotine-free vape pen. It is often criticized because of the adverse effects of vaping, but some people claim that it helps to get rid of the addiction but not to stress because of physical habit. In this case, the vape pen allows killing two birds with one brick and makes the process of quitting slowlier. The first step is to move on from tobacco-containing cigarettes to the best vape pen for e-liquid. The next step is to get used to living without nicotine in each puff. The next step lies in getting rid of the physical need to have something in the mouth. Minimizing the amount of time-consuming a vape pen daily helps to get the monkey off gradually.

2. Make Your Mind Free

Addiction always involves a psychological component. It means that a person can hardly kick the habit without consciousness of the danger that goes from addiction. Therefore, one of the first steps that should be done (and is usually done in rehabs) is sessions with a psychologist. It is important to understand personal reasons for smoking; you have to get to the very starting point and answer the question “Why?”. Some people start smoking because they want to state their independence in making decisions; others do it because of the experienced stress. When the problem that triggered the habit to smoke is solved, the habit of smoking is already deeply rooted in the person’s mind. If you do want to quit, it is better to find the trigger and try to convince yourself that many other things bring joy, relaxation, fun, and delight into your life. Try to find three things that make you happy and to do one of them instead of smoking when you feel an intense craving.

3. Make Your Schedule Tight

People are used to postponing life-changing events for the future, but the point is that there is no ideal time or place. You do not need to start next Monday or next month. It would help if you started next right now. If you have some issues at work, university or family, you should not make smoking the way to relax. Look at smoking as one more stress factor. Make your schedule as tight as possible: plan meetings with friends, try to participate in a charity project, start training activities, or something like that. Anything that will leave no time for smoking is good.
To sum up, giving up smoking is not an easy path. It needs a strong will and self-control. In case you want to try the best vape pens for giving up nicotine, remember that e-liquid consists of dangerous chemicals as well. In fact, if you are not sure about quitting, it is better to consult a specialist and get some medical treatment, which will improve your ability to control the majority of withdrawal symptoms (anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, headaches, depression, insomnia, and more).