Looking for an Internship? Check Out These 4 Websites

Internships are a formative part of your early career. You have the opportunity to explore different industries of interest while honing skills and gaining experience. Employers love to see internships on resumés because it shows two things: 1). initiative and 2). responsibility. It shows that even in your younger years, you still had a drive — you were just raring to get into the workplace.

Below are 4 websites where you will find internships by the bunches. All of these internship applications will require a resumé of course; some may also ask for a cover letter, writing samples, transcript, references, and supplementary short answer questions. However, having a solid and well-crafted resumé (by itself) should be able to land you an internship or two. Don’t sell yourself short — put in the effort, send in that resumé, and see what happens!

Chegg Internships



To be honest, I ranked these websites. This one is first because I love this website. Chegg, the master of homework help, has another website branch — one solely dedicated to internships. After setting up a (free!) account, applying through Chegg is so easy; if you use your resumé once, it automatically remembers that file for your next application. Some of these applications do not require any supplementary files at all — your resumé is all that is necessary!

When applying to internships, Chegg gives an easy-to-read description of the job you are applying for. You can specify your internship search by simply typing your desired industry in the search bar. As with all of these websites, you can also target your search based on location, hours, and whether it’s paid/unpaid.

If you are just starting your internship search, you should be starting on this website. It’s great for students just looking to branch into the workplace!




Second: Indeed. This website holds more serious internships, which may be exactly what many of you are looking for! Once again, making an account on here would be your best bet. You can even adjust your settings so you receive email notifications about internship/job opportunities in your area of interest!

These websites generally work the same, as you will soon find out. You can specify your interests and desires in the search bar, and scroll through listings and their respective descriptions. Indeed is great because the website itself breaks down the listings in an easier format: whether the internship is paid or not (then salary), the hours, etc. will be bolded right next to the internship title itself. Chegg’s formatting does not do this.




Idealist is very similar to Indeed, in that the job postings on here are more serious and competitive. However, many colleges recommend using this website to pursue internships, and for good reason. The listings are clear and easy-to-read; the website has no extra buttons or tabs that will cloud your mind in this already stressful pursuit. I love the large font as well!

Hit that extremely large apply button and get going!


mediabistro | View On Instagram

MediaBistro is a favorite of many employers — hence, you will find tons of listing here. If you googled-searched internships, many of the postings would pop-up from MediaBistro; the website has a very strong internet presence.

Particularly with this website, creating an account is important. It’s not so easy to just click on your resumé and hit send on the application: you should cultivate your presence on this website. There are some great internships posted on here that may not be posted elsewhere. You should definitely be checking on this website from time to time!

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