WATCH: Twenty One Pilots' Never-Ending Music Video

An infinite music video? Sounds like something out of a futuristic science fiction novel. But what if we told you it was real and you can watch it today? Thanks to Twenty One Pilots, a never ending music video really does exist! On June 21st, the alternative rock band released the video for their song “Level of Concern” to YouTube. Watch (some of) it below!

So cool, right? You probably saw lots of people in the video who aren’t either of the band’s members. Rather, those were all fans! And how they got to be in the Twenty One Pilots video is pretty amazing. Fans had the opportunity to complete an online scavenger hunt where they were challenged to decode content from the band’s other music videos and posts. Their reward for completing the hunt? A chance to record themselves to be in the “Level of Concern” never-ending music video! 
The video is constantly streaming live and there are thousands of viewers around the clock. Frankly, we think Twenty One Pilots could be onto something with a music video that loops over and over again because, even after only a few repetitions of the song, we have it uncontrollably and permanently stuck in our heads! 

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Looking for an Internship? Check Out These 4 Websites
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