A Peek At The Chanel Cruise 2021 Collection

As the shoot was to take place along the Mediterranean Coastline, the Chanel Cruise 2021 Collection was no longer to be unveiled in the presence of panoramic views and pristine florals (following the Coronavirus outbreak).

With a number of ventures shifting to the digital sphere, Chanel was yet another brand forced to comply with the state of the world. Fortunately, Creative Director Virginie Viard was able to recreate the general vision associated with the picturesque town of Capri, Italy – incorporating vibrant tones along with elements of cool. To achieve such, Viard considered the ever-so sublime Caprese sunset her muse and henceforth, was adamant to restore the illusion.

In a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar, Viard further explains the spectacle: “So we had to adapt: not only did we decide to use the fabrics we already had, but the collection, more generally, evolved towards a trip around the Mediterranean… The islands, the scent of the eucalyptus, the pink shades of the Bougainvillea.”

The collection warrants looks apt for a swift getaway as the line encompasses an array of culottes, loose-tie jackets, bandeau tops, unbound skirts and dresses, along with other garbs ideal for your Summer fix. It is also noted that the garments may be mixed and matched – in fact, designers encourage you to so.

In light of famed actresses sporting such looks on previous vacations in the 60s, fashion enthusiasts today may take a shine to the collection – notably those who express an interest in retro getup.

To learn more about the clothing line and its components visit: https://www.chanel.com/en_WW/fashion/collection/cruise-2020-21-collection-presentation.html#

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