4 Tips To Stay Safe and Fight Back In Case Of An Assault

The world can be a dangerous and unwelcoming place especially if you’re a woman. From catcalls to leers and even unsolicited advances, there are plenty of predators out there looking to take advantage of a vulnerable female.
However, with some practice and plenty of patience, you’ll have no trouble protecting yourself whilst keeping yourself away from dangerous situations.
For example, Brazillian MMA star Polyana Viana made use of her mixed martial arts skills to beat a would-be mugger into a pulp. While we would never advocate going toe-to-toe with an armed assailant, sometimes when your back is at the wall, it’s better to go down fighting.
With that in mind, we’ve collected a series of some of the most simple yet effective self-defense tips that will keep you safe wherever.

Trust Your Gut

The most effective self-defense tool that you have in your arsenal is your instinct or gut. It’s that sense of unease or danger you feel when you’re walking on your own or being approached by a creep.
It may surprise you, but humans actually have a highly developed set of instincts for detecting danger. Centuries of evolution and natural selection has honed this sense to a razor’s edge.
So, don’t ignore it and act when you feel that something just isn’t right. If you’re out with a person and he/she just seem wrong, throw courtesy out of the window and get out of there.
The inability to say “no” can be dangerous especially when you’re dealing with someone who’s being especially aggressive or pushy. Don’t worry about being called “rude” or a “bitch”, your safety counts for so much more.

Make Yourself a Difficult Target

Predators are always on the lookout for targets of opportunity – the one who’s texting while she’s walking down the street, the one walking to her car in a darkened parking lot and the one who leaves her door unlocked and telegraphs her location on social media.
Instead, make yourself as difficult a target as possible at all times. Walk with your head up and keep your eyes open for any potential threats, like if you were an athlete in the NBA odds looking for a teammate to pass the ball. Never text while you’re walking and never turn your back to the flow of traffic.
At home, always keep your doors and windows locked at all times. If you suspect something is amiss don’t hesitate to call the police.

Respond Quickly and With Violence

One of the advantages of being female is that most aggressors tend to underestimate their victims. Chances are that they won’t expect you to fight back or defend yourself in such a situation.
Use this to your advantage by reacting suddenly and quickly when in danger. If you’re grabbed, scream and shout and make as much of a commotion as you possibly can. 
Bite and scratch like your life depends on it (oftentimes it does) – focus on your assailant’s weak spots such as the eyes and groin. By suddenly reacting with such violence, you can frighten or stun your opponent long enough for you to continue your attack.
Palm and elbow strikes can be devastating in such close quarters and will not hurt your hands. Don’t stop fighting until your assailant is down and out of action. Once the danger has passed, move quickly and alert the authorities once you’ve reached a place of safety.

Take Up a Martial Art

While we may be living in a civilized world, sometimes other people choose to break the rules and hurt others. This is why you need to seriously consider taking up a martial art of some kind. 
From boxing to muay thai or even Brazillian jiu jitsu, the ability to fight back and defend yourself will give you the edge against an aggressor. Some may argue that a woman may lack the strength of a man, but with the right technique and plenty of practice, even the most petite of ladies can inflict some serious damage. 
Always remember to keep your techniques simple at all times – in a dangerous situation with adrenaline flowing, pulling off a complex move will be difficult at best.
As an added advantage, martial arts classes are also a form of full body workout with plenty of cardio and strength training – something which will help you stay in shape and look good.

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