5 Tips To Remember When Signing Up For Fall 2020 Classes

It’s officially summer and finalizing class schedules for fall 2020 is now underway. But there are some things to keep in mind when building the perfect mix of courses for the upcoming semester. Read our top 5 list of things to consider when completing the registering process for your fall classes!

1. Try To Line Up Your Classes So That You Have A Free Day

Obviously the weekend is going to allow you to have some time off from attending classes. However the weekend is also a crucial time to practice relaxation and self-care, hangout with friends, and prepare for the week ahead. The less homework you have to complete during the weekend, the more time you’ll have for these (and other) important components of a balanced lifestyle. If you have a day during the week where you don’t have classes to attend, it can become your designated homework day. You’ll be more focused because it’s a weekday and it’ll free up time in your weekend! You’re welcome.

2. Research Professor Options

There might be many sections offered for a specific course. And the differences may vary (day it is scheduled, time of day, etc.), but another way the sections may be different are the professors that teach them. We all know that a good/bad teacher can make/break the experience of a class. That’s why we recommend researching using a professor reviewing website like ratemtprofessor.com when choosing which section to register in. Websites such as these are often very comprehensive in giving you an idea of what to expect . Making the right choice of who to learn from will ensure the quality of how you learn!

3. Sign Up For More Online Courses

This one is specific to the current learning climate. Last semester, colleges all across America had to send students home away from campus as a safety measure during the spread of COVID-19. It is still widely unpredictable whether or not colleges will be able to make it through an entire semester this fall without the same thing happening (especially considering the projection of a second wave). Due to this signing up for online classes is so smart. If all classes will have to be moved to remote learning at some point during the semester, it will be a much smoother transition for courses that are already online. We’re definitely keeping this tip in mind while building our fall schedule.

4. Leave Time Between Classes To Eat (And Locate Those Dining Areas)

One of the most important parts of good learning habits (that, unfortunately, most people forget) is feeding your mind and body. Food is so important! Making time in your daily schedule to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner will help you be more successful. Also, making sure that the classes you’re signing up for around mealtimes are near dining halls is important for making the food easily accessible to you.

5. Find Classes That Your Friends Are Signed Up For

This last one might seem obvious, but it really is an important step to take into consideration when building your fall schedule. Going into a class with no friends can be scary, but it can also make studying more difficult. If you have classes with people you know, studying becomes easier and more fun. If you have questions about that course, having a friend to ask is SO helpful. Being able to hold each other accountable to do the homework on time (because you can complete it together at a trip to the library) is going to ensure that you both are more successful in the class.

That’s the complete guide to our tips for signing up for the perfect fall semester class schedule. Go ahead and build your dream schedule for the upcoming semester!