5 Tips To Remember When Signing Up For Fall 2020 Classes

It’s officially summer and finalizing class schedules for fall 2020 is now underway. But there are some things to keep in mind when building the perfect mix of courses for the upcoming semester. Read our top 5 list of things to consider when completing the registering process for your fall classes!

1. Try To Line Up Your Classes So That You Have A Free Day


Obviously the weekend is going to allow you to have some time off from attending classes. However the weekend is also a crucial time to practice relaxation and self-care, hangout with friends, and prepare for the week ahead. The less homework you have to complete during the weekend, the more time you’ll have for these (and other) important components of a balanced lifestyle. If you have a day during the week where you don’t have classes to attend, it can become your designated homework day. You’ll be more focused because it’s a weekday and it’ll free up time in your weekend! You’re welcome.