The 4 Best & Affordable Online Sites to Shop Now

Online shopping is probably one of the best things ever created. It is not only convenient, but it can help occupy your time if you’re bored. You can even “window shop” online. I feel like you’re able to get better deals and find more coupons when shopping online. Yes, you do take a gamble on size and correct fitting, but the risk is worth it if it’s cute enough and if they do returns. Here are a few sites that have cute clothes for decent prices.

Fashion Nova

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If you ever shopped at Fashion Nova, you would know they ALWAYS have coupons and good quality clothing. When they send you your order, they usually put a coupon in the package too. Fashion Nova has various styles for both genders that can appeal to a variety of customers, and they have just about any fashion item. They appeal to my curvy women too. Fashion Nova accepts return within 30 days, but you only get store credit, and you have to pay to ship it back.


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The clothing from Boohoo is cute, varies in style, and appeals to men and women. From athletic wear to party attire, they will have something that catches your eye. I think their prices are decent for the items they have, but it is always nice to be able to get more for your buck. In regards to returns, you have 60 days to send an item back and you have to cover shipping.


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Compared to other online shopping sites, Shein is one of the cheapest sites that I have ever come across. They have various items for both genders. The only catch with this site is that I would recommend looking at the reviews before purchasing so you can get an idea of how the clothing looks. Due to items being so low priced, some of the material may feel and look cheap and cheesy. Even if you’re unsure of the clothing in regards to size, satisfaction, or fit, you should still purchase it. More items in the cart can help with free shipping, but Shein has free returns, so it never hurts to try clothing.


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PrettyLittleThing is a cute brand. From the branding to the shipping, they know how to appeal to the eye. When receiving a package from them, expect a pretty pink package with their name and unicorns. This store’s clothing compliments the body, especially for my curvy ladies, and the sizing usually fits accordingly. When it comes to returns, to receive a full refund or store credit, all items have to be received within 15 days of the original shipment day, and you have to pay the cost of shipping.

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