Madison Beer Facing Backlash For Alleged Plastic Surgery

Madison Beer, a 21-year-old singer and songstress, is under fire by social media users who claim she has had plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not bad, says those who are accusing her. It is that Beer is “hiding” that she had facial work done, and thus “setting unrealistic body and face standards” for her impressionable, young, teenage girl fanbase.

The “Selfish” singer has quite the following indeed, boasting nearly 20 million followers on her Instagram alone. She was discovered by Justin Bieber when she was only 13-years-old posting YouTube covers. She was later signed to Justin himself and under his manager Scooter Braun. (Does that name sound familiar? Read about his and Taylor Swift‘s on-going feud.)

Beer has taken these allegations seriously and has wasted no time defending herself. In a TikTok earlier this month, Beer reminded viewers that she has already admitted to getting lip fillers when she was younger but “regretted” it, and immediately got them dissolved. She has also taken to the comment section of such videos to set the record straight.

The rumors have swirled up once more in the past few days when pictures of Beer hiding behind a bush surfaced on Twitter.

Mia Khalifa, who has a strong TikTok presence also, threw shade at Beer. Khalifa is currently recovering from a nose job and captioned her recent TikTok: “I’d never hide behind a tree. Don’t compare yourself to anyone on the internet, you’re beautiful.” Khalifa did not even pretend she wasn’t shading Beer in the comments, as she liked the ones that accused Beer by name. 

Once again, Beer did not hesitate to defend herself. In a series of tweets, she condemns the mass bullying and hate that is ever-present on social media and gives context to her presence at the cosmetic surgery clinic. She writes that she was simply going to a consultation for a potential mole removal (something that is not the business of the paparazzi!).

She concluded her defense reminding people that this will not deter her; she is “gonna continue to focus on [her] music, [her] fans, and the people that know and support [her].”

After the dramatic tweets and fan engagement of that day, Beer wrote one more message:

Whether you believe Madison Beer had work done or not, this tweet is a good reminder of the toxicity of social media and celebrity beauty comparisons.

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