Top 5 Dog Instagram Accounts To Follow

If you are needing something to take your mind off everything going in the world, then these Instagram accounts are guaranteed to make you smile and forgot about everything bad going on in the world. Here are the top five dog Instagram accounts to follow and enjoy.


This cutie had an accident at birth that left her with one ear that migrated to the top of her head! If you love golden retrievers and unicorns, then this dog is for you. She will make anyone’s day better with her energy and her overall sassiness and cuteness. I discovered her through Facebook one day and instantly fell in love with her account. So give this little unicorn, a follow.

Bruley And Olee From Queer Eye

If you were like me and watched Queer Eye, you probably fell in love with Bruley, pictured in the first picture. But sadly Bruley passed away, but his memory lives on through his mom’s Instagram account. But luckily, both parents decided to get a new dog named Olee and foster some more puppies, which includeDexter, pictured in the second Instagram post. So, if you love Queer Eye and really cute, loving dogs, or need a break from all the scary stuff happening in the world. Follow their account.

Dogs In Food

I just discovered this account recently, but it’s honestly the cutest thing ever. If you like dogs and food, then this account is for you. The creator edits dogs into food and it’s the cutest thing I have ever seen. Hit that follow button and scroll through hours of absolute cuteness. You won’t regret it.

Dogs Of Instagram

This account brings all the dogs of Instagram together in one single Instagram page. If you love dogs and scrolling through hours of content, then this account is for you to enjoy. So, hit that follow button and enjoy a vast variety of different cute dogs that will melt your heart.


If you love show dogs doing cute tricks, then this account is for you. The account shows us show dogs learning tricks, hiking, showing, exploring, and looking gorgeousšŸ¾ So, hit that follow button and enjoy some gorgeous dogs doing awesome tricks.

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