Top 8 Tips For College Student In Summer Online Classes Due To COVID-19

Schools and Universities across the globe have transitioned their curriculum; instead of face-face learning on campus, to remote online classes due to the global pandemic of the Coronavirus(COVID-19). This change in lecture style has left many students wondering about the quantity of workload that lies ahead for online classes. Here are 8 tips for college students facing summer classes online this semester.

1. Be on time for class


We know how tedious and early those zoom classes are, so be sure to be on time for class. With everything already online, lecturing and class attendance is most important to your grade. Be present in class, with or without a camera as some professors are requiring, and be engaged in the class conversation. Get clarification, or ask questions you have or need to understand the coursework and excel this semester.

2. Set a schedule


Some students not only have summer classes during this pandemic but also work to support themselves. Create yourself a schedule that includes all activities for week, and map out your time accordingly. Make sure to include time for homework, relaxing, and studying. Being more organized can help unclutter your brain from everything else that’s happening around us.

3. Know what resources are available


With a pandemic also comes assistance because sometimes we all need a lending hand. There are grants, programs, and websites tailored to giving assistance to college students, and low income Americans during these struggling times. Some universities and schools are offering assistance to their students by providing online tutoring, mentoring, and even counseling for students looking for someone to talk to.

4. Reach out to classmates


No matter how you feel in this world, you are not alone. Even in your rigorous Physics class, there is always someone who knows exactly how you feel; your classmates. There isn’t anyone better to talk to than someone who’s going through the same thing. Talk and set up a group chat for all your classmates, as a group encourages each other to manage the semester. Help each other with classwork, mention concerns as a group to bring to the professor if needed.

5. Be prepared


With everything being online, familiarize yourself with the technology systems. Yes, most of us grew up in a digital age, however preparation for class is still needed. Gather the supplies required for your courses such as books, access codes, or even the bare essentials i.e a laptop. Check your internet connection, and router for any issues regularly to avoid any problems arising.

6. Communicate with your professor


Now is a better time than any to be buddy-buddy with your professor, he/she should know your email and name by heart at the end of the semester. Most professors are available by email daily and some offer scheduled zoom classes if needed. Have open communication with your professor, and reach out if you have ANY questions or concerns regarding assignments. If you’re struggling with the course reach out, your professor will understand this is a tough time for everyone.

7.  Give yourself incentives


This is a difficult time for everyone, and even more annoying for college students who must keep track of deadlines and classwork. Sometimes homework can be depressing, so give yourself incentives to complete them in a timely fashion. Completing a long assignment on a subject you hate? Reward yourself with your favorite items and activities, like 30 minutes of ice cream and Netflix. Actually chill on your breaks, and avoid thinking negatively or frustrated once returning back to work.

8. Try your best


We can only do so much, so be proud of how far you’ve come and accomplished. Try your best at everything you do, and don’t get discouraged when hard times come around. Staying positive, healthy, and safe should be your main priorities to get by the semester.

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