Black Celebs Cancelled Following Responses Over George Floyd Protest

After another death of yet another unarmed Black man, George Floyd, Black people are fed up with the injustices, racism, and down right oppression of our kind. Protest and riots arise as tensions and emotions are at an all-time high while we face a global pandemic in the mist of fighting for black lives. Many celebs have spoke out in support for the Black Lives Matter movement, while others used their platform to voice their negative comments/ opinions to their large following. Here are 5 celebs that have shown their ignorant colors to the world during this troubling time.

Desi Banks

The Instagram and Twitter comedian was one of the first people to commit career suicide on Twitter by posting a photo contradicting the attitudes and anger of Black people looting and protesting. One side of the photo shows Martin Luther King during a March, while the other side shows looters defacing a Target. The photo captions the two pictures as “This a protest, this is a crime”. In minutes of the tweet, hundreds of replies shaming him for his tweet, and capitalizing off black culture without defending the very people who made him famous. Banks is known for his “hood” videos which depict different scenarios of a Black man comedy, whereas 90% of his following is Black People. He lost nearly half a million followers overnight even after his apology video on Twitter which was no effort.

B. Simone

Yet another Instagram “comedian” and Wild N Out cast member has been thrown to shame after a tweet that basically claims her as a Christian woman who doesn’t condone looting and protesting because it’s not Godly. In the tweet she mentions “I’m not going to ask myself WWJD not what would an angry black woman do!” Responding tweets immediately form questioning her logic of Christians can’t be angry and Godly. The real kicker of this tweet comes at the end, “I am angry, but I am also trying to be Godly”. Twitter slams her for contradiction as Simone is known for her loud antics and “Boyfriend” videos, and has been seen MULTIPLE times begging for intercourse for rapper Da Baby over various social medias. Simone has also had her own dating show on Zeus, which was bachelorette style in her finding her “boyfriend”.


The Miami rapper who is currently on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, involves herself into yet another unnecessary conflict, but this time with herself and fans. On Thursday, Trina spoke on the protest and curfew in Miami on the Trick and Trina Show on 99 Jamz. Trina calls black protestors as “animals”, depicting them as apes in a zoo. Trick uses many attempts to gives her responses a turn around by raising his own counter opinion, but its no effort as Trina continues to burn a hole in the topic. While on air, she continues her defense by saying “I have time today, Miami. Let’s talk about it.” Shortly after she takes to Twitter to once again defend her comments by attacking naysayers on her page. The diamond princess has officially turns to coal.

Shemika Moore

One of the most embarrassing forms of Uncle Tom depicting on the timeline this week came from Moore. The Wu-Tang and Spider-Verse actor used Twitter on May 28, in response to George Floyd protest by giving his suggestions of how we can “avoid” these incidents. In the tweets his urges black people not to blame everything on the “racist”, and for us to address Black on Black crime… The various tweets get significantly worse when he suggests that being killed by police can be AVOIDED (like people are willingly getting themselves killed), in this tweet he said, “Look…all I’m saying is.. in the MOMENT.. when we are experiencing racism.. can We the black community find ways to avoid being killed? Or hunted”. More tweet ensue, and later Moore takes to Instagram in a video to fully explain his thoughts, when he single handily makes one of the most ignorant comments to date. In the now viral clip, Moore suggests that Rosa Parks should have taken a TAXI instead of riding the bus back in 1955.

Tokyo Jetz
The Jacksonville native rapper ended her very short lack lusted career, when she spews one of the most disgusting comments regarding George Floyd’d untimely death. In a now deleted Instagram story, Jetz is seen grabbing a man by the neck and saying “I’ll George Floyd your a**!” The viral moment is exposed on Twitter, where hundreds of fans announced Jetz as being officially cancelled. She then took to her Instagram using her crocodile tears to force-feed her apology in the 3-minute video. She also deleted all posts on her page leaving only the apology video and a day late Black Lives Matter post.
As tensions continue to rise, and Black Lives Matter Movement in full effect, we can expect the possibility of more ignorant comments surrounding the controversy. As Black people we must recognize these comments and educate our people to understand our fight against white supremacy. These comments and opinions from some well known Black celebs show us how much we still have to learn and teach each other for the better.

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