5 Ways To Celebrate Fourth Of July, Social Distancing Style

2020 is passing by at the speed of light, Fourth of July is already around the corner. Like most events this year, the 4th will be looking a little different due to COVID-19. Even though many states are reopening and trying to get back to normal, we still need to make sure we stay safe. There’s no reason that we still can’t celebrate though, we just have to adapt to our new circumstances. While there might not be big family barbeques or firework spectacles, here are some ways to celebrate while still staying home.

Dress for the holiday


Pull out all the red, white, and blue you’ve got in your wardrobe, you’ll need it. Dressing festively will be the first step in making your celebration fun. There are so many ways to dress, you just have to get creative. You can go classic red, white, and blue pieces or one piece that combines everything, like this tank top from Target.

Make a themed craft


Crafting may seem a little childish, but there is nothing wrong with letting your inner child loose once in a while. Pick something like My Frugal Adventure’s Fourth Of July Mason Jar Vases that can be used for both candles and flowers, or Lolly Jane’s stars + stripes flower pot. Once you’re all done crafting, display them around your living space. It will make you feel much more festive seeing all the stars and stripes around.

Whip up something festive


If you’re handier in the kitchen than in the craft room, there are plenty of Fourth of July themed recipes out there. If you’re looking for a cool treat, try these red, white, and blue popsicles from Oh The Things We’ll Make, or this patriotic no-churn ice cream from It’s Always Autumn. For the chefs out there looking for a challenge, take on this ombr√© Funfetti cake from Brit + Co.

Two words: Zoom barbeque


If you don’t have anyone to spend the 4th with, the whole “social-distancing” thing can be tough. You could technically have people over as long as you follow the proper health guidelines, but if you’d rather not worry, host a virtual barbeque! Get friends together over Zoom or whatever video chat platform your prefer, cook up your classic barbeque favorites, and pretend you’re all together in the same backyard. Conversation will flow just as easily, and you can still heckle your friends over who makes the best burgers.

Fireworks remixed


Fireworks are the most essential part of any Fourth of July celebration. Many towns have warned against hosting large gatherings for firework shows, but there are alternatives. If you want to get the same effect, buy some sparklers and have your own mini-fireworks show in your own backyard. If you’d prefer to just relax and watch, many cities such as Boston and Nashville are hosting virtual fireworks shows, so check and see if your town is doing something similar. If you’re looking for a true spectacle, the Disney Parks Youtube channel has recordings of the parks’ iconic fireworks shows.

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