6 Delicious Desserts for the Fourth of July 2020

It’s a perfect time to show off your baking skills — Happy Fourth of July! Your guests are certainly not looking for a heavy, dense dessert; therefore, your creativity must shine. If you’re struggling for fun, fresh ideas, look no further — these aesthetic treats will satiate your sweet tooth and refresh your spirit in the hot summer sun.

Red, White, and Blue Fruit Platter


Stay healthy with this refreshing treat! Strawberries, raspberries, and cherries comprise the “red” of this treat. Complement those fruits with blueberries and blackberries. Use yogurt covered raisins, white-chocolate covered pretzels, or marshmallows to include the “white” aspect. Orient this little platter around a nice cold bowl of Cool Whip! Set up a jar of toothpicks and have at it!

Flag Cake


Once again, let’s add a little fruit to this dessert! Bake a vanilla cake, and slather it in vanilla icing (the best cake/icing combination, in my opinion). Here is the fun part: recreate the flag with berries! Use blueberries to imitate the stars. Thinly slice and align strawberries to form the stripes!

Red, White, and Blue Pretzels


What goes better together than pretzels and chocolate? Nothing!

Chocolate-covered pretzels are a classic fan-favorite — if you are looking for a change, however, check out the recipe below!

Take two square pretzels and place a mini-Snickers, Milky Way, or even Reese’s, in between! Warm them up in the oven while you melt your red, white, and blue chocolate. Once the pretzel sandwiches are ready to come out of the oven, dunk them in the colored chocolate! Throw some sprinkles on, let them cool, and enjoy!

Berry Trifle


The glass jar makes this dish look even more delectable! Layer pound cake, whipped cream, and berries on top of one another,  and you’re good to go! A berry trifle is party-perfect because it’s hassle-free; no cutting, no waiting in line — just beautifully tasty scoops of the dessert!

Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas


Who knew fruit could be made into so many tasty desserts! All you need for this one are bananas, chocolate melts, and sprinkles. Throw some bananas in the freezer, dunk them in chocolate and garnish with sprinkles. Side note: frozen bananas taste like healthy ice cream!

Blueberry Cobbler


This just looks delicious! Warm, fresh blueberries paired with graham cracker crumble. Don’t forget that a la mode is the best way to go — you always need that vanilla ice cream on the side!

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