4th Of July Celebration: 7 Party Food Must Haves

The summer calls for another holiday, 4th Of July, the Independence Day for the United States. Each year this day allows for many celebrations with family, food, and friends. However, you spend this day whether, its safe distancing indoors or managing outdoor restrictions, you should be sure to bring these food items for everyone to enjoy. Here are 7 food must haves for your 4th of July celebration!


The simple yet affective favorite for all. Be sure to bring all the toppings for various choices in flavor! Also don’t forget burger substitutes for the healthy group, such as turkey or black bean options. Grill some veggies on the grill to add to this perfect duo.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

It can be served hot or cold, with chips or bread but it is not something you should ever forget to bring for your next party! Its such an easy recipe that creates a long-lasting favorite among dishes. It’ll be a chance to show off your semi-chef cooking skills you’ve picked up.

Fruit Punch

Awe yes, its very basic but it can be dressed up for anyone’s tastes with simple touches. By adding fruits, candies, and maybe even for chaser for the appropriate crowd. Be sides at least you brought something to drink to the party, an item everyone is sure to taste.

Pigs in a Blanket

My personal favorite for its poppable size and loveable taste. They are fun and easy to make especially if you’re the last minute type. The mini sausages are always first to go, because no one ever brings enough! Don’t be that guy, come prepared.

4th Of July Drinks

It’s a celebration, why not include some liquor! These super cute red, white, and blue themed drinks are the perfect way to enjoy a cocktail. You can get creative with fruits and colors to your hearts desire, just don’t forget to top off.


Have you ever declined a popsicle when offered? I didn’t think so. These are perfect treats for waiting guests on the main course. July is already a hot summer month, this simple dessert beats the heat indoors or out. Collect them all, and try out different flavors.

Apple Pie

If you’re the designated desserts guy for the party, do everyone a favor and grab one of these (if you can’t cook well), from your best bakery. If you want the best duo, add vanilla ice cream and you’ll swear by the dish forever.