10 Cute Activewear Brands That Will Get You Off The Couch

Getting to the gym can feel like such a drag sometimes. Even if you prefer at-home Pinterest workouts to sweaty machines and ridiculous membership prices, having the motivation to work out can be scarce at times. While it is tempting to just throw on a pair of sweats and a random t-shirt, sometimes having cute, functional activewear can help out in the long run. Since the dawn of “athleisure”, activewear brands have been working to create clothes that both make you feel good and have little helpful features. If you’re the kind of person who loves to marry fashion and function, here are the best activewear brands to keep your eye on.

1. Fabletics


It’s no surprise that Kate Hudson’s acclaimed activewear brand is first on our list. Fabletics, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a subscription-based activewear service. If you’re a member, you simply pay $49.95 a month for a selection of cute activewear that is tailored to you and your fitness preferences. For those who are activewear aficionados, you know that price is a steal. Fabletics offers every kind of activewear you can think of in a myriad of coordinating yet fashionable colors and styles. On top of that, there are frequent collaborations with other celebrities like Demi Lovato and Kelly Rowland, so there’s never a lack of new styles.



If you find yourself struggling to find the perfect sports bra that actually makes an impact, look no further than SHEFIT. SHEFIT’s sports bras feature what the company advertises as “Zip. Cinch. Lift” technology. The bras have an autolocking zipper in the front, making it so you don’t have to struggle into your bra every day, and adjustable straps for both the shoulders and the band. SHEFIT’s sports bras come in two varieties- the Ultimate for high impact-needs, and the Flex for medium-impact needs- and both types are extremely customizable. These bras really do fit everyone, even those who have all but given up on finding the perfect workout bra.

3. Athleta


Part of the Gap brand family, Athleta is the perfect place to shop for the woman who is constantly on the move. From matching activewear sets to casual rompers and dresses for lounging, Athleta has a huge selection of everything. While the clothes themselves can be fairly expensive, the brand always has free shipping for orders over $50 and an extensive number of sales and promotions throughout the year. With the selection they have, everyone is bound to find their dream gym clothes.

4. Girlfriend Collective


Looking for cute workout clothes that also care for the environment? Then Girlfriend Collective is where you want to shop. Every piece of clothing from GC is made from recycled materials, like their Compressive leggings made from recycled water bottles. The brand is size-inclusive, running from XXS all the way up to 6XL, and the leggings have pockets. Like, actual functioning pockets that won’t make you worry about your phone falling out as you clock another mile. While GC clothing might not be as bright and flashy as some of the other brands on this list, everyone can appreciate a good essential pice from time to time.

5. Alo Yoga


For the yogis out there, Alo Yoga is guaranteed to be your next obsession. Alo focuses on themed collections, such as Goddess, ALOLUX, and Airbrush. Each collection has its own feel and function, so each customer can find exactly what they want out of their workout gear. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift have been seen wearing Alo clothing out and about as well, proving that it doesn’t function only as activewear, but fashion too.

6. Lululemon


Even if you haven’t heard the name, you’re bound to see Lululemon‘s famous logo everywhere in fitness centers. Lululemon is one of the brands that truly helped to launch the “athleisure” trend. While they’re best known for their famously comfortable yet functional leggings, the brand doesn’t stop there. You’ll see everything from your essential workout wear to accessories like yoga mats and backpacks in their store. The brand is also dedicated to equal pay regardless of gender and making sure they have a responsible supply chain.

7. Sweaty Betty


Well-known for their “Bum-Sculpting” leggings, Sweaty Betty is a British activewear brand focused on empowerment through fitness. Like many brands on this list, Sweaty Betty believes that looking good will help you feel really good. Bright and unique prints, inspired by founder Tamara Hill-Norton’s love of travel, are seen on everything from bras to leggings. The best part of Sweaty Betty is their Fit Kit bundle, where you choose a legging and a top for $35 cheaper than buying the pieces separately.

8. Enavant Active


In French, “en avant” means to “to move forward”, which is the philosophy of Enavant Active. Founder Chloe Oh created Enavant to help women get out of similar fitness slumps that she had gone through, and the brand does that easily. Each piece is made from their custom Enavance fabric, which promises to be breathable, flexible, not to skimp on support, all while being comfortable. If you’re a fitness fanatic, they’re worth checking out for the luxe activewear.

9. Vaara


Colorblocking is in, and Vaara takes that in stride. Founded by former model Tatiana Korsakova, Vaara is a fashionable take into sharp, sleek-looking activewear. Your clothes will be as Instagram worthy as they are functional, since Vaara works to make sure you get the most out of your clothes. From wetsuits to tank tops and everything in between, get ready for your workouts to get more colorful than ever before.

10. Outdoor Voices


Another brand to look out for if you’re into colorblocking, Outdoor Voices is a cult hit in the activewear world. Their TechSweat collection, recently revamped to included higher-support bras and better waistbands on their leggings, is great for anyone who likes high-intensity workouts. If you’re unsure where to start, Outdoor Voices offers OV Kits, which are sets including one top and one pair of leggings that you can build and get for cheaper than buying separates. Hooray for savings!



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