The 10 Headbands To Obsess Over This Summer

Gossip Girl, along with Blair Waldorf’s immense collection of status symbol headbands, might have ended eight years ago, but that hasn’t stopped the full-forced resurgence of headbands in 2020. This time, however, the accessory doesn’t always have to fit the prep schooler’s profile with plaid skirts and mary-janes. While it’s probably been years since you last sported the twenty preppy accessories, these ten headbands will make you rethink everything you know about headbands and pursue you to obsess over the outfit-making statement pieces of the summer.

Lele Sadoughi

New York City designer Lele Sadoughi can take a lot of credit in revitalizing the headband trend with her higher-end statement pieces. The animal print in this band looks trendy and chic, incorporating a bold print in delicate silk.


Pearls on pearls on pearls!  We’re obsessed with this regal look.  Dress up your hair this summer with pearl jewelry and headbands like these from LELET NY.

Epona Valley

Daisys and flowers have a fun girlish and whimsical look to them, but feel elevated in gold.  This gold and pearl band is super chic and timeless.


Why wear one headband when you can wear two? Layering headbands create a cool contrasting look that elevates an outfit while not looking too crowded.

Lele Sadoughi

Talk about a dynamic duo for summer 2020. Why not match a headband with a face mask! What’s even better is that headbands can help keep face masks to stay up, so you look stylish while staying safe.

Epona Valley

This gold headband is practically jewelry.  The simple and bold band makes for a more mature take on the accessory, a more grown-up yet trendy look.

Alexandre De Paris

A simple satin band creates a classy and versatile look that is oh so Paris and chic. It can easily dress up a casual look, too, making it a perfect summer evening accessory.

Bauble Bar

A braided roped headband is a fun and new take on the trend. It’s rather simple and not to “preppy” or formal, but fun and trendy.


Scarves and embroidered bands make easy and cool headbands. This one here from anthropology reflects a chic boho style that is casual and different.

Jennifer Behr

A barely-there jewelry band is the perfect formal accessory that really elevates any simple evening look. Pearls are always a classic, yet feel revitalized with the new popularity of headbands.

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