What to Wear On 4th of July: 5 Options

Tomorrow is July fourth and for many people, that means staying home or going out and spending time with your family safely. Here are five things that you could wear on July fourth for the holiday.

Wear Red, White, and Blue

This a pretty simple tip for anyone who is still celebrating the holiday this year. You can simply combine any red, white, and blue in your closet or wear your outfit from last year since many of the stores are closed to buy a new outfit. Depending on where you going and what you are doing, it really depends. But this is the easiest thing you can do this year.

Chill In Sweats

You can’t go wrong with a simple pair of sweatpants. So if you aren’t celebrating this year or staying home, throw on some sweatpants and just order some takeout for yourself, or your family. You would still be following social distancing and you get to relax in your favorite pair of clothes.

Dress Nice

This the option for people going out for the fourth. Throw on your best outfit and wear your cutest mask. Enjoy your social distancing party with your family and friends. It’s a great option for people who want to look nice for the fourth and also who love to dress up.

Keep It Casual

Just throw on something casual and enjoy the day with your family. You can never go wrong with this at all. It ‘s simple and easy for many people who don’t like to dress up at all, for the holiday.

Keep On The PJ’s

If you are lazy and not feeling this holiday at all, keep your pajama’s on and chill out for the holiday. Order some takeout and chill out with your pets, if you have any. Otherwise, no matter what you do for the fourth, enjoy the nice day off.