Lululemon Shorts: Are They Worth The Hype?

Everyone is wearing Lululemon: the trendy Instagram models, the fitness YouTubers, and your college classmates. You want some — so badly — if only to fit-in as a wannabe athlete. As a college girl who has never owned anything Lululemon before my 19th birthday, I am here to tell you my story and give my honest opinion concerning the trendiest athleisure on the market. After all, Lululemon sales have immensely increased in recent months!

For my birthday, I received a pair of black Tracker Short V Lululemon shorts from my wonderful mother. Believe me, I was very excited. Quarantine has inspired a sincere love and dedication to fitness, and I couldn’t wait to wear these shorts on my runs. Besides, I wanted everyone in the park to know I had a pair of Lululemon shorts!

I know my mom had some research to do before dropping the $60. The sizing at Lululemon is a bit weird; it runs smaller than you would think. While I am normally a size 4, I am a size 8 in these shorts. However, a size 8 is a medium, so that is something to keep in mind. You definitely should look at the size chart!

The shorts were shipped and arrived at my house promptly — no complaints there. As I mentioned earlier, the shorts I got were black: nothing special. Yet, these are not your average running shorts. The Tracker Short V pair has a pocket. While this may not seem like a huge deal, it’s not very easy to find comfortable shorts with a relatively large, secure pocket. The pocket is on the side of the left leg and 2-3 inches deep; it closes with a zipper — perfect for your keys, travel sunscreen, or Airpod case. I’m a fan!

Naturally, I took these shorts out for a test run (haha!). My main concern with running/training shorts is chafing, and I am happy to say this wasn’t a problem. The shorts are long enough to give full coverage, which I also appreciated. The material is light and airy, giving my legs room to breathe. These shorts definitely enhanced my run.

Now, did they enhance my run $60 worth? That’s questionable. While running with uncomfortable and inconvenient shorts can be a pain, that’s the price you pay for cheaper shorts. Lululemon is pretty expensive — we all know this. My ultimate recommendation is that for those who are serious about working out, it is a solid investment to buy 1 or 2 pairs of Lululemon shorts. However, if you are buying just for the brand name — I’m not sure it’s worth the money. The logo isn’t even that big!

Will I buy another pair? Not right now. I’m just going to put my washing machine to good use and make sure I get the most out of my mother’s $60.

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