Dior, D&G Showcase New Couture Collections Virtually

While glitzy runway shows might be momentarily on hold, the world’s top fashion houses haven’t stopped sharing their new couture collections for fall-winter 2021. Dior released a live-streamed video of their collection on Monday, featuring a behind-the-scenes art-house look at the Parisian atelier and a mystical fairytale landscape to set the scene for the show.


With an all-around ambiance complete with music, graphics, a well-defined story, and a detailed scene, the Dior “show” was the next best thing to an all-out fashion show. The video not only presented the collection but gave it a proper story, emphasizing the power of haute couture garments. After the brief yet intriguing look at the creation of the dresses, two well-dressed men carry the wardrobe of mini dresses (modeled after the Theatre De La Mode post-WW2 exhibition) to a mystical forest full of fantastical creatures such as mermaids, nymphs and centaurs. The men stop to open the chest, piquing the forest dwellers’ curiosity and igniting senses of delight. They then proceed to each choose a dress and are properly fitting a la couture style by the men. The video shows the clothes in their element, allowing the colors to contrast with the natural environment around them. Towards the end, we see the mythical forest dwellers dance with delight in their new dresses, preceding to find joy and romance in the surroundings. It’s a beautiful scene that lets the dresses shine in a way a runway show would but with more of a story.


Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana also released their couture or “Alta Moda” collection late last week in a similar format but on a private website only for preferred customers. The new collection (how we wish we could see the videos) celebrates the old “dolce vita” glamour of Italy in black and white, celebrating the beauty and culture of a country that has gone through so much in the last few months. The released campaign photos feature vividly colored classic D&G prints at grand Italian landmarks, emitting a bright light of much-needed positivity. It’s a celebration of the spectacular heritage of Italian fashion, showcased through the modern means of the internet.


This coming week, more haute couture labels will present their collections remotely in creative ways, hoping to fill the void of a live show complete with the usual celebrity-filled press and hype. While the in-person excitement might be lacking, houses like Dior are using the time to share and democratize their work through other means of art, showing the versatility of fashion and one of the many ways it has started to evolve a result of the pandemic.

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