5 Stylish Facemask Tips For Glasses Wearers

Since the beginning of this pandemic, face masks have become mandatory for anyone going out anywhere. You have to wear them outside, in stores, in public places and on public transport. But some people who wear glasses might have issues with wearing facemasks, due to the fact that they fog up their glasses quickly and could possibly knock them off their faces. Here are five facemask tips for people who wear glasses.

Make sure your mask is on right


This may seem too obvious to include but sometimes it can be confusing to know which is the top or bottom of your mask. It may not make a difference for some face coverings but many masks you purchase will have a little wire sewn into the fabric on one side.

This is the top of your mask and you should mold the wire fitting around the bridge of your nose as tightly as possible when first putting on your mask.