See The New Christian Dior Fall 2020 Couture

The backdrop to past Dior couture shows have been some of the most beautiful venues for fashion shows of all time but with the current pandemic, this year’s fall couture line had to be displayed online. Maria Grazia Chiuri, current creative director at Dior, said “It’s our first couture presentation online, so it’s something very unusual”. She had a short film entitled Le Mythe Dior created for the presentation, and the line itself was called Théâtre de la Mode.

The Display

The gowns were displayed in a prodigious trunk on mannequins and the actual gowns were scaled down to almost doll sized – reminiscing on how they created the designs 75 years ago during World War II. Chiuri did this because she had no runway to design for, and possibly to demonstrate the similarities the pandemic has to the times of World War II – though not nearly as drastic.

Le Mythe Dior

The film enlisted specifically for this presentation was created by Matteo Garrone, the director of last years Pinnochio. In the surrealist short film, couriers carry a trunk filled with doll size clothes into the forest, that are then turned into the couture gowns by the magic from the atelier. The main characters that are nymph/fairy like get to keep the final couture gowns.

The Collection

The gowns are a very surreal experience within themselves. They look as if they are straight out of a fairytale themselves. The use of chiffon and tool creates a princess or fairy look, and the colors are neutral but still remain extravagant. Each gown is a different distinct design that uses shapes to create a sense of unique character within each look. The designs are extremely classic feminine, and remain true to Chiuri’s distinctive design style at Dior. Alas, the collection lacks the inclusiveness of modern femininity that is more than just dresses for the classic french woman. The designs are impeccable and demonstrate the fairy tale experience many of us would love to partake in, but there is something to be noted here about women’s high fashion and the places it still has not reached within inclusiveness. There is something to note about the classic and traditional elements of the gown and that sticking with that is an ode to women’s fashion. The Dior couture fall 2020 line is undeniably stunning though.

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