WATCH: Katy Perry’s New Pride Music Video "Daisies"

Think you’ve already seen Katy Perry’s “Daisies” music video? Think again! You’ve probably watched the slower, less up-beat version of the song’s music video that was released on May 15th. That was released only two months after Katy announced her pregnancy with actor Orlando Bloom and the music video focused on themes of motherhood and fertility. This music video features a remix of “Daisies” that is more upbeat called “Daises (Don’t Cancel Pride)”. The new video presents many rainbow themes that fit in perfectly during pride month. Don’t worry, the daisy imagery is still everywhere in the video too (so cute)! Watch the fun (and a little wacky) remixed music video below!

Super cool, right? Katy Perry continues to deliver good music with important messages. All we can say is that we’re pretty jealous of whoever gets to be Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s child!

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