5 Indie Makeup Brands To Keep Your Eye On (2020)

Everyone knows the big-name makeup brands: Urban Decay, NARS, Nyx, MAC, and so many more that you can’t even begin to name them all. However, beneath all of those household names is a treasure trove of indie makeup brands waiting for their moment in the spotlight. In 2020, we’re supporting small creators in every industry, including beauty. If you’re looking to find some hidden gems within makeup, check out these five indie brands that you should definitely be paying attention to.

1. Uoma Beauty


Cruelty-free, black-owned, and woman-owned? Sign us up! Uoma (pronounced ‘oma’) Beauty was founded by Nigerian-born Sharon Chuter and works to break the bounds of inclusivity and diversity. Their products, which include all the usual suspects in a makeup drawer, are meant to bring about a beautiful rebellion through empowerment. Their foundation line is refreshing to see in the makeup industry with 51 shades in six custom finishes for every skin undertone.

Promising products: Say What?! foundation and Boss Gloss lip gloss

2. Kaja Beauty


Korean beauty has been a trend for a while now in both makeup and skincare, but new products and brands are coming into the spotlight every day. Kaja Beauty is a K-beauty brand that is co-created by Sephora and made for the beauty guru on the go. Every one of their products is small enough to fit in a makeup bag, meaning you can take them anywhere for a touch-up. Nothing in the line is over $25, meaning that it won’t make your wallet cry when you want to try more of their products.

Promising products: Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio and Don’t Settle concealer.

3. Rude Cosmetics


If you’re looking to make an unapologetically bold statement, look no further than Rude Cosmetics. While the LA-based brand was founded in 2016, they have been on the rise since then and the only way to go is up. As stated on their website, Rude focuses on makeup with an attitude, so be prepared to stand out. Bonus, the brand is cruelty-free, and many of their products are vegan, so you can be brave and stick to what you believe in.

Promising products: Desperate Dreamer Eyeshadow Palette and Notorious Liquid Lip Color

4. Suva Beauty


For those who perceive makeup as an art and their face as the canvas, Suva Beauty is the brand for you. Named after the capital of Fiji where founder Shaina Azad grew up, Suva is for people who want professional-quality makeup that is accessible to all skill levels. Well-known for its products with UV-glow capabilities, this is the brand to watch out for if you like to live life loudly. Neon is back in style, and Suva is here for all of your neon (or not) needs.

Promising products: Hydra FX Liner and Artisan Palette

5. Lawless Beauty


Clean beauty is all the rage in the makeup world, and Lawless Beauty is all about keeping it clean and natural. Lawless offers products that help you achieve a glam, red carpet ready look while also taking care of your skin. If you’re worried if Lawless actually lives up to what it promises, take it from the brand’s founder herself. Annie Lawless created Lawless Beauty to help people like her with all kinds of health conditions still feel beautiful. From no-makeup makeup to full beat, Lawless Beauty has everything you need.

Promising products: Make Me Blush Velvet Blush and Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick