How To Shop Safetly Online During COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus has changed the daily lives of millions and altered the way we receive our goods, information, and interact with each other. Many consumers have flocked to online shopping more than ever to avoid the chance of exposure from face to face shopping in stores, as many states have various or lack of restrictions in place. More than ever people are buying online for necessities, as many companies have followed suit in the growing trend. As more people are online these days, it’s important to keep a friendly reminder to be safe when purchasing items online, especially during the pandemic where people are more susceptible to phishing schemes. Here are 10 tips to help you stay safe online while purchasing during the pandemic.

Research reliable websites

When shopping online, the first step is research where you want to get your items from. Check out website reviews, read comments on company/website, and check recalls or complaints. If the website seems sketchy, most likely it is.