Improve Your Step Count With These 4 Simple Tricks

10,000 steps: without exercising outright, it’s a near-impossible feat. However, when achieved, your body will feel tighter, leaner, and meaner! You will reap the benefits of lean muscle, more endurance, and high energy. Here are some easy hacks to ensure step-counter success. So, in the name of fitness, put on your Fitbit and get walking!

Take the Stairs

walking on the stairs


Perhaps this is the most common trick, but it genuinely works wonders. Besides, nobody wants in a cramped elevator during a pandemic! For the sake of your health, take the stairs. Your legs muscles will get in some work and your step count will increase! Stairs are one of the best ways to build your endurance as well!

Go the Extra Mile

parking lot


Literally and symbolically — go the extra mile! Your step count will improve if you physically run one more mile (obviously). If such cardio is not your forté, try this: park in the farthest available parking spot and walk to your destination. Or, park at the top of the parking garage and force yourself to walk far down to the street. Whenever possible, use the farthest bathroom — take that trip down the hall. Instead of merely messaging your co-workers, get up, and talk to them. These steps will make a difference! Every movement counts!

Walk the Talk

Talking on the phone


While you are on a phone call, you can easily clock 1,000 steps. If you’re going to talk the talk, you should walk the walk! Keep your legs just as occupied as your mouth — stroll around your house or yard. The phone is the perfect distraction for this simple cardio; you will breeze through those steps before you know it! So, get off the couch and walk the talk!




This is killing two birds with one stone! As you clean, you get steps in. Makes sense, right? Vacuuming, dusting, wiping… your body is moving during it all! Skyrocket your steps with a day of deep cleaning your house; you will be sweating afterward! Who would’ve thought that cleaning is such great exercise?